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The antidote to #BigTech is #SmallTech: a must-read by @aral, footnotes included...
Or, as @ton puts it, "Small Tech Provides Agency, Big Tech Takes It Away".

Shiloh Walker lays out a plan of action to deal with people who are republishing identical books under new names and copyright details, and tricking readers:
Readers deserve books advertised as new to actually be new.

Also, (more wisdom via Spike Trotman) NEVER, EVER sign away lifetime IP rights! That's the most important thing you have as a creator!

If you want to make money from your work, great! Put it on prints, merch! License it! Etc!

But there's really nothing that's worth complete, total, *lifetime* control of your work! Because once you've signed your IP rights away, that's IT.

Ellen Wright's latest podcast features Miz Cracker talking about gender, sexuality, and drag performance. hereslookingatyousite.wordpres

Kilby Blades has an interesting angle on the plagiarism and ghostwriting issue:

It's another case of algorithms shaping what gets bought, and not necessarily to the benefit of readers or writers. A ghostwriting boom doesn't help you pick a book knowing what the author's style will be, and the current Amazon algorithm favours speed over quality.

I suspect Courtney Milan is about to make a plagiarist very sorry:

It's not clear yet how many other romance authors have been affected.

Scared Silicon Valley billionaire:

Look, you're just not grasping the scale of the AI threat. What if an AI one day is built that decides to harvest large chunks of the Earth's biosphere in order to make some numbers in a financial engine go up slightly? What would we all do then?

Climate change and species loss researchers:

Really? That's a thing that could happen? And people might not believe the predictions? Do go on.


Well OBVIOUSLY I don't mean it's happening NOW

Roses are dead
Violets are dead
Everything's dead
Climate change

I'm doing . In my case, that's a lot like normal February.

Asirpa +Retar #goldenkamuy #goldenkamui #fanart #asirpa #manga #金カム #digital #digitalart #mastoart

I draw this back in July (2018), but never finished the background as you can see...

For Retar I use a photo of my dog's face + a photo by "Woxys" (Deviantart) as reference (they have really nice photographs of animals!! )

I finished reading Shiftless by Aimee Easterling last night. I didn't expect a werewolf story to be so cute.

I realized I don't have enough money to pay my rent, so if you want to help me you can either:
- buy something from my shop
- support me on ko-fi
- boost this toot
Thanks a lot and have some cute foxes 💙
#mastoArt #creativeToots

working to your limit isn't endlessly sustainable and I've only been able to keep up the pace this long because I've been careful to get enough sleep and stick strictly to my break timers, annnd my partner happens to also be in crunch mode this month so my outside obligations have been managable.

it's cool i've been able to get stuff done that i need to but webcomics glorifies overworking too much; this fucking sucks and i would have burnt out ages ago if i did this all the time lmao

There are some interesting points in this behavioural scientist's guide to fairy tales: Although I'd say every good story is "edutainment" - if you're not imparting some kind of social norm, some lesson, or a horrible warning a story isn't working. From extreme emotion comes learning.

Which sucks, because I have a hard time finding authors I can read when I'm in a really bad headspace. But there are limits to the amount of 'OMFG did, you really just say that?!' I can take.

So, kinda random, but if you are an author, maybe put some thought into the kind of trade offs you are making. There are advantages to putting out of a lot of books quickly. But little problems can add up and turn readers off.

That howling you hear tonight is clearly just avante garde choir practice and not the rise of Fenrir.

Discovery S2 

My cats have learned that fighting each other just before mealtimes gets them fed earlier.

If ever you feel like you're a terrible person, remember Thomas Midgely: the man who gave us *not only* leaded gasoline (using tetraethyl lead, which caused widespread lead poisoning in the fabs that produced the gas as well as devastating environmental effects that are still felt to this day), but *also* developed the first chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs), which he felt would be too inert to do any "real harm". (Tell that to the ozone layer.)

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