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Who else here plays Game of Dog? The rules are simple: pet the most dogs without getting bitten.

I scored 0 today, but managed 3 in Game of Cat.

@hafnia I once failed a philosophy course that was part of my degree. After that the university cancelled the course because everyone else coming in from my discipline struggled with it too. Sometimes, it's not you.

@vickysteeves Because it's the most important bit? It can take me months to come up with a good book title.

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I never wear perfume. No matter how nice, I always prefer fresh air.

The antidote to #BigTech is #SmallTech: a must-read by @aral, footnotes included...
Or, as @ton puts it, "Small Tech Provides Agency, Big Tech Takes It Away".

Shiloh Walker lays out a plan of action to deal with people who are republishing identical books under new names and copyright details, and tricking readers:
Readers deserve books advertised as new to actually be new.

Also, (more wisdom via Spike Trotman) NEVER, EVER sign away lifetime IP rights! That's the most important thing you have as a creator!

If you want to make money from your work, great! Put it on prints, merch! License it! Etc!

But there's really nothing that's worth complete, total, *lifetime* control of your work! Because once you've signed your IP rights away, that's IT.

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