@dataKnightmare Ever the optimist, I'm hoping for a revival of punkish makeup that doubles as facial recognition-foiling art.

@cosullivan Unfortunately I've never used it, because my local library doesn't do Overdrive. I believe it is possible - Rakuten Kobo owned Overdrive, but has recently sold it, but that shouldn't change the function. You go to the Store tab and choose Overdrive - after that there's a sign in screen, which I've never had reason to test.

@cosullivan I've had good results with my Kobo batteries. I do a lot of ereading, and may keep them 4 years before replacing. Anecdotal, I know. The last one I replaced was due to capacity issues - at around 500 books it was full - although the battery was edging towards holding less charge, which I didn't notice until I got a Forma which holds a charge for ages.

The Witcher 

look at this very beautiful ginkgo tree which is around 1400 years old

transphobia, books 

Testing my websites on websitecarbon.com/ - they come out pretty well, better than 93% of other websites. Some of that is down to having a green host that uses mostly renewable energy, and some down to using really light code.

Amazon UK is pretty high carbon, as is Youtube. Mastodon is somewhere in the middle.

@lilithsaintcrow It's an extraordinary mess. I wonder whether the RWA will survive, and where authors will turn for advocacy in trademark and Amazon disputes instead.

Jason Sanford on the lax security on Goodreads:


It is concerning that authors can be impersonated and trolled in this way. As an author, I tend to avoid the site anyhow, and as a reader the reviews can be pretty random, so I don't set much store by them unless I know the blogger's tastes. This sort of thing devalues it further.

Trying to navigate the British Gas robots to book an annual gas check. They interpret "put me through to a human!" in many creative ways. Not sure whether I've opened accounts for the whole street, ordered a new boiler, or the robots have achieved sentience and now they're just pranking me.

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Is anyone else looking at the crisis in Australia, thinking about reducing their carbon footprint, and coming up short because it seems like they've already thought of everything that can practically be done on a personal level?

@kiesa I drink plain hot water all the time. It's very good for you.

"Every day, millions of people rely on independent websites that are mostly created by regular people, weren't designed as mobile apps, connect deeply to culture, and aren't run by the giant tech companies."


- via @anildash

@mishellbaker Wrong type of fuel accidentally loaded onto all the tanks.

My friend Keri is really talented. This is Black and Blue singing their song Being Me Again, and IMO it deserves a wider audience. youtu.be/5aF6Nbh7b2s

2020 ne passera pas !
Ceci est un communiqué du comité du 32 décembre !
2020 ne pourra pas avoir lieu dans les conditions actuelles aussi nous demandons un abandon immédiatement de toutes festivités. Ni 2020, ni retraite à point ! Nous déclarons le 32 décembre comme celui du nouveau monde ! 2019, la lutte continue !
Vive la Secu ! Sus au nouvel an !

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