Harassment, SFF 

Harassment, SFF 

Harassment, SFF 

FanasyCon 2020 won't go ahead. It's no surprise and it's the right decision, but it's also sad news. The awards and AGM will go ahead online. I hope that in future cons like this will maintain online elements for those who can't attend.


As the shops re-open, let me share a couple of magic words that worked absolute wonders on my family this evening.

Wardrobe audit.

I'm now up several pieces of good clothing, a new set of buttons, and I know exactly what's needed when I brave the stores. Not as much as I thought!

A primary headteacher proposes changing the UK school year to January-December, and extending the current school year to December. stevebheadteacher.wordpress.co

Do you agree?

@silvally I'm a councillor. I think many people would be surprised how few emails councillors get on many issues. So do email your councillor, especially if you have something specific to ask that they would be able to influence.

I made my random quiz a bit easier, but it turns out anything over 5 out of 7 is an exceptional score.


I haven't been in a vehicle since some point in early March. Motorised transport is a staple of modern living, yet I scarcely miss it.

uk pol 

uk pol 

It’s amusing how many sites show zero content without JavaScript

No, I don’t enable JS on a first visit to any website. Ever. Only until after I’ve determined your site is safe and I want something you’re offering will I consider enabling it

The modern web is insufferable with JS. It’s like the bad old days of Flash all over again

If you're in the mood for something whimsical, try out my random book quiz. A different set of 7 questions each time. How do you score? warpcoresf.co.uk/random-book-q

The idea of police officers saluting is a little disgusting, they should be as far removed from any ideas of military as possible.

Should be

@Gargron Maybe a little something about the timeline of new features? Not all of them, just major ones like the CW, language preferences, and searching only by hashtag, that differentiate the platform.

@hafnia Promoted by Louis XIV as a status symbol for people who didn't need to grow food on their land. Lawns are not only dull, but also all about class.

@vicorva Yep, same. I loved the first one, but at the current price I guess I'll work on my TBR pile first.

@hafnia Mastodon gets a mention in Because Internet, a recent linguistics book by Gretchen McCulloch.

Fabric Masks (Sewing Question) 

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