We call this cutie Gus. He's quite comfortable in the feeder and comes most days.

Animal death 

We lost this guy today. Run over by a car. I wish people would drive slower; and I wish he had learned a bit more road sense. Heartbroken.

. Today the murderboy killed 4 times. Mice, shrews, voles, whatever. He's now under house arrest.

I saw an owl today. Too quick to get a good photo, but I did manage to get a bad one.

Food + 

This is my first attempt at keto bread. Almond flour, duck eggs, a bit of nutritional yeast for flavour, a tiny bit of coconut flour, bicarb, cream of tartar, salt. Now I'm waiting for it to cool and speculating how it will taste.

This boy was sitting in the gift bag, but came out for his photo as soon as I pointed a camera in his direction.

Duolingo's Russian course authors show some Izzard appreciation.

Today I got the chance to go to Asylum in Lincoln. Amazing costume after amazing costume. Here are a few of my hauls, from Doctor Geoff's stall.

I bought this shampoo bar from Lush - pencil for scale. It's quite expensive at £7.50, but is supposed to last. I'll find out later whether it's a way to reduce plastic waste and simplify my life or a waste of money.

This song thrush keeps coming round for raspberries and blackcurrants. In the dry weather there aren't many worms.

book promo 

This weekend dozens of SFF ebooks are on sale for 99c at various retailers.

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