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Ros Jackson

I bought this shampoo bar from Lush - pencil for scale. It's quite expensive at £7.50, but is supposed to last. I'll find out later whether it's a way to reduce plastic waste and simplify my life or a waste of money.

My local paper's talking about Mastodon now.

Ruling the world, one nap at a time.

Today in the saga of the plucky tree, green shoots.

This song thrush keeps coming round for raspberries and blackcurrants. In the dry weather there aren't many worms.

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This is the cover for my next book.

Outside right now, tempting me into the pollenocalypse.

I saw this fox today, bold as brass, just chilling in someone's garden like it was a pet.

My cat getting comfortable, or possibly trying to figure out why he doesn't tessellate.