@Gargron The Twitter Mastodon account just retweeted some far-right type encouraging people to join Mastodon. That would be exactly the worst outcome of the current goings-on in the US, and the response of other social networks.

@Gargron Thanks, good. It's going to be a long few days for instance admins, nonetheless.

@Gargron Yes, but Parler is getting blocked by Apple, Google, etc, so Nazis will be casting around for other platforms. Now might be a good time to promote the "No Nazis" USP of Mastodon. I don't envy you right now.

So middle and far-left people have to join too. Won't read at newspapers, that Mastodon is the social network just of a specific group.
@rosjackson @Gargron

@juza @rosjackson @Gargron Figuring out Mastodon is gonna be too much effort for a swath of them, thankfully.

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