Only 3 of the 10 SPFBO finalists are books available on Kobo. It feels like this is the way a lot of "independent" publishing is going lately - Amazon only, so not really independent at all. It's a shame, and one reason I don't buy ebooks through Amazon.

@rosjackson not sure if that’s entirely fair, but that’s just the way things are now. SPFBO also only accepts .mobi files. I sent an ePub last year. I was culled, but wasn’t sure if it was due to book quality or file type


@ChrisWeston It's something I've also noticed in big multi-author promotions such as the ones Patty Jansen used to do monthly. It used to be about 50/50, and gradually moved to the majority being Amazon only, by about 35% wide vs 65% exclusive.

@rosjackson seems like the signs of the times. Things kind of returned to the black box compared to how transparent it was several years ago. Not sure if wide is less profitable for authors, but it’s not as publicized as KU is.

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