My #Kindle #Paperwhite #ereader's battery lasted two years. Amazon's support forums 'revamp' resulted in 404 errors following indexed links in result set for "battery drain cannot hold charge". Considering a #Kobo as no company as successful as Amazon should have inadequate online support and short-lived batteries.


@cosullivan I've had good results with my Kobo batteries. I do a lot of ereading, and may keep them 4 years before replacing. Anecdotal, I know. The last one I replaced was due to capacity issues - at around 500 books it was full - although the battery was edging towards holding less charge, which I didn't notice until I got a Forma which holds a charge for ages.

@rosjackson This is an informative testimonial, thanks. How is the interface and functionality for borrowing #library ebooks via #OverDrive?

@cosullivan Unfortunately I've never used it, because my local library doesn't do Overdrive. I believe it is possible - Rakuten Kobo owned Overdrive, but has recently sold it, but that shouldn't change the function. You go to the Store tab and choose Overdrive - after that there's a sign in screen, which I've never had reason to test.

I tried it out a bit in the UK. Aside from registering on the OverDrive website, it was quite straightforward. The books you've taken out just get synced to your Kobo - as a separate category so you can list them if you want.
As I recall, you could also search for available books from your library directly from the ereader, though that wasn't terribly convenient.

@cosullivan I’ve got a Kobo Forma. Overdrive works just as you would expect it to. The store even shows you if a title is available through your library. The addition of Pocket is very handy too. @rosjackson

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