The more beautiful the notebook, the harder it is to ever use.

@rosjackson This is why I love using a traveler's notebook... because the cover is beautiful, but the individual little notebooks inside are plain and easily swapped out. I get the combo of looks and practicality.

@dani Interesting. I didn't know they were a thing. It reminds me of the Filofax with its swappable inner pages.

@rosjackson Yeah. It's solved a lot of issues for me. I made my own with a piece of nice scrap leather. It's small with four passport sized notebooks inside: one with grid paper for my task lists, one with writing paper for journaling, one that's a six month planner, and one with sketching paper. I can leave the work ones at home when I go on holiday, etc. It's really cut down on the blank-notebook writer's block.

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