I started watching The Great Hack, but I can't figure out when it will get past the slow ominous music and the build-up to the parts that I don't already know about the Cambridge Analytica story.

@rosjackson How far in did you get? Or, did you fall asleep listening to slow ominous music?

@OldBrushNewPaper Only about 15 minutes.

A problem I find with most documentaries that they spend a long time setting up, and explain things really, really slowly, as if they've all chosen to follow the same style guide. No matter the topic, it doesn't work for me.

It really needed to start with an order of topics so I could skip ahead to the parts with new information.

@rosjackson I so hear you.

At the moment, we're watching something from PBS on Japan, and... we really can't recommend it. Not only all you've mentioned, but, some seriously tin-ear crap around the Tohoku Earthquake and tsunami.

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