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I did a full A4 with 3 markers for #copiccolors of March~
A nice challenge overall, made me focus more on the textures instead of choosing colours. Ofc it's a #dragon, because that's my go-to spontaneous subject lol
#mastoart #art

What's the regex for auto-hiding pictures of certain things?

It's Record Store Day tomorrow. Local to me, Off The Beaten Tracks in usually has queues going down the street for this event, and the rare releases that come out on this day. It's quite an event.

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That was an £87 vet bill I wasn't expecting. My cat (Smudge) is such a thug, always getting into fights with other cats and losing.

Across The Seas is an exhibition on the theme of migration showing in Lincoln's Sam Scorer Gallery this May. Here's a preview of what's on:

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I have a really good memory for customers. If there's a regular at my store, chances are I know them by sight and name. But I'm very quiet and don't often use names even for friends/family. I just talk in their direction.

But I noticed people assume I don't know them. Even if I see them every day. And then they feel like I don't care, I'm just the person between them and their meds.

So I started greeting everyone I know by name this week. And WOW. I did not realize how much that meant to people, but apparently it's a lot and it completely turns those interactions around.

And I feel really good about it. It's nice making people smile a little.

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I saw this fox today, bold as brass, just chilling in someone's garden like it was a pet.

I just caught my cat eating the yellow lines paint on the road. Of all the things I expected to have to tell him off for, I can say that didn't even make the top 100.

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Drew the outlines on the way to uni, colored it in my break. :3
#art #mastoart #sketch #sketchbook #markers

Day 6 of flu, and some light reading is no longer out of the question. I managed about a chapter last night of The Viral Storm (because why not), and already have an idea for a SF story. Reading science always fills me with inspiration.

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**Biometric Apps Will Soon Be Pushed Across the Web**

This is a bad idea:

1. You can't "reset" your biometrics like a password.
2. Biometrics aren't hashable. The end result is they're less secure than other forms of authentication. (If you don't understand what this means, you're not qualified to have an opinion on this matter.)
3. You can't control what happens to your biometrics once they're in the hands of a 3rd party.

Please re-Toot.

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And it's finished! Or, as finished as it's gonna get, at any rate, I'm sure I could find a dozen or fifty little spots I've missed or things to tweak.

Anyway, after sitting on my freakin' hard drive at 90% finished for months and months, I finally got my butt in gear and got my big ol' octopus buddy done.

Feels good, man.

#digitalart #mastoart creativetoot #art #artist #creative #painting #drawing #illustration #octopus #ocean

I'm really pleased to see this job listing for a local democracy reporter. There have been fewer and fewer doing that beat lately.

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Amazon has filed suit against book stuffers on KDP (paywalled):
There's more discussion on Kboards, and credit to David Gaughran for the link.,26 It's way past time Amazon took action to clean its listings of shady duplicate content.

Aww these hedgehogs: Elaine Drewery who runs the sanctuary has done so much for them over the years.