The local quarterly free paper arrived, like a message from another world. Most of it is ads and event listings, with the odd restaurant review. I expect they'll pause the July edition.

Great post here with the short and long version of why we need to all be wearing masks all the time for the foreseeable future. Think of it as a badge of honor showing how much you care about the people around you.

This boy was sitting in the gift bag, but came out for his photo as soon as I pointed a camera in his direction.

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I’ll try to switch to posting something more fun, possibly even frivolous, after this, but the information seemed important enough to share.

from a Michigan on how to clean your groceries after bringing them home:

I enjoyed To End All Wars by David Tallerman, a mystery about a WWI Lieutenant in the trenches who finds something peculiar amongst all that horror.


Interesting things happened to book sales as people prepared for lockdown. My feeling is that bucket list books will be replaced by less worthy and more fun or accessible stories in a couple of weeks. It's a bit like gym resolutions now in the first week after New Year.

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Have written a roundup post for all the free stuff to do while social distancing, if anyone is bored and looking for something to do:

Kitten update: four living kittens born to my friend's cat this morning. No pictures from me as yet - mummy cat was being protective and hiding them when I visited. This is a great sign, because it means she's bonding with them.


Duolingo's Russian course authors show some Izzard appreciation.

If I have to move my class online, what's a gdpr-compliant service that could deal with 30+ students and doesn't require special software?

I never do real time stuff online with big groups and interactivity

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Cold Fire, book 2 in the Spiritwalkers series by Kate Elliott, is a corker. It's a really good mix of sweetness, adventure, and nothing-is-as-it-seems.

With handshakes now taboo and kisses a no-no, how will you be greeting people?

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