Here's my Oven Witch from last year!! I really like to work with orange haha. It's my favourite color.

I rather enjoyed Survivors by G. X. Todd:

The post-apocalyptic genre can be a bit samey, so it's good to read something that changes the setup as well as featuring interesting characters.

I started watching The Great Hack, but I can't figure out when it will get past the slow ominous music and the build-up to the parts that I don't already know about the Cambridge Analytica story.

The only good thing in the world today is that I learned about "banana pose" which is just something seals do when they feel safe and content.
Just happy seal things.

I'm reading Bea Johnson's Zero Waste Home, which is on offer at the moment at £1.99. I don't consider myself new to trying to cut down on waste and plastic, but Bea is astonishingly thorough and I'm picking up tips that will help me reduce waste even further. She's tried many things, from making shampoo to her own glue, and figured out what is practical and what is too extreme for most people to be able to keep doing.

publishing the ingredients for my marinara, that's right, im going open sauce

If you didn't know information is like snacks, money, and drugs to the brain well now you do and maybe you are also experiencing a drug-like stupor in which case you are welcome

Lincolnshire Police have released an update of properties affected by the flooding.

East Lindsey District Council also have a page of advice and contacts for those affected:

I live in quite a cute part of the world. This SSSI is only 7 miles out of Louth:

An incredibly detailed lifesize octopus cut from one sheet of paper by artist Masayo Fukuda - "At first glance, the beautiful artwork looks as though it was rendered using fine-tipped pens, but Fukuda carefully cut every detail from one sheet of paper."

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There's a long way to go with making the internet more environmentally friendly. So it's good to know my host is actually acting on these issues, according to their report:

I recently read Edward Struzik's Future Arctic. Although out for a few years now, it's worryingly accurate in its predictions:

"There is no consent under capitalism" is quite the zeitgeist-y tagline for a sf novel.

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I just did the Friends Against Scams e-learning. If you haven't done the training before, it's 20 minutes well spent - it could save you or someone you know thousands.

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