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@Gargron The Twitter Mastodon account just retweeted some far-right type encouraging people to join Mastodon. That would be exactly the worst outcome of the current goings-on in the US, and the response of other social networks.

Another lockdown will no doubt encourage predatory types, including loan sharks. Learn more about them or report them with Stop Loan Sharks, run by the Illegal Money Lending Team.


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So Disney has decided they don't have to pay Alan Dean Foster (and who knows how many other authors?) royalties he's owed by contract for books he wrote. This can't be allowed to stand. It sets an awful precedent.

Covid adjacent, but what isn't these days? 

Don't Contribute Anything Relevant in Web Forums Like Reddit
... just a few days old and it already is the number one blog article of mine according to access and feedback. 😎
#decentralization #PIM #cloud

My town was rammed today as everyone in England tries to stock up for lockdown 2. I just did my normal Saturday food shop, in shops that won't be closed because they're considered essential. They were still packed.

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I expect recycling is up because of more home deliveries. I find brown cardboard composts very well so long as you let it get wet and take off any glue strips or tape. Worms love it.


ALLi has issued a warning about OctaGroup, with a useful guide on how to avoid getting scammed by those targeting indie authors.


Acedia seems like a useful word for this year.


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How should we regulate and fund academic publishing? This petition was launched by librarians who are fed up of publishers price gouging UK libraries for academic ebooks.

I can see the other side, as many academic books can't expect a big audience. But books aren't *that* expensive to produce, and we should be doing all we can to make knowledge, especially academic knowledge, available students, and also to the general public.


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