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Today in the saga of the plucky tree, green shoots.

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Whoop who has been lazy with uploads? Yeah me alright. But fret not, I bring goods! Copic colours August and June! #dragon #traditional #mastoart #copic #copiccolors

A few days ago our apple tree fell over due to a rotten base and the weight of fruit. We battled most of the day in blazing sunshine to replant it not far from where it fell, with roots mostly intact. The leaves wilted, then turned brown. But not all of them...

Will this plucky fruit tree survive? Who knows.

Due to a glitch, Amazon seems to be offering some audiobooks as part of KU without paying the authors.

I'm shocked, I tell you.

It's 10 degrees cooler and I may even get to put a second layer on. It might rain later. Three months ago I'd never have guessed how much I'd appreciate those things.

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hi reddit. im new to all this health/fitness thing, and i just have one question really. what diet should i adopt?? at the moment my body goals are: become a bird, able to fly, lay eggs, etc??

The drought has led to an acute shortage of parasols. Ladies wishing to fight crime are reduced to using only throwing crumpets.

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every item on the bbc world news program today is clearly attributable to climate change

almost like every reputable climate scientist for decades was right and now it's too late

Day 55 of the . Shops are now offering a range of stillsuits and sandworm hooks.

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Rachel Ann Nunes has won her plagiarism case against Tiffany Rushton (aka Sam Taylor Mullens) and been given a public apology:

This song thrush keeps coming round for raspberries and blackcurrants. In the dry weather there aren't many worms.

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can someone give me some demotivational quotes

i need them for my phone

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Guo Pei, people. I'm not normally that much into fashion, but so much of her work suggests fairytale stories I'd challenge any writer to look at it and *not* be inspired. These are clothes for elves, demigods, and elementals.

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BREAKING: In a huge victory, the European Parliament has voted 318-278 against #Article13 and #Article11—the disastrous #CensorshipMachine and #LinkTax copyright proposals.

That means we’re close to stopping these terrible proposals—and we’re gaining momentum.

My cover artist is brilliant. Createspace, on the other hand, are picky and have changed their specifications for spine text so what was once acceptable no longer works.

Hollis Shiloh blogs about Amazon's disappearing also-boughts, and decreasing trust in that retailer:

I too am starting to wonder whether Amazon has jumped the shark.

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Think about this HUGELY important nuance from Wikimedia Foundation:

They're stating a choice point here.

That humans are superior than *machines* in telling humans what we can and cannot do.