Oh hey, I have a new short story out. A Scribbler Scorns His Station is set in 1734 London full of invisible demons, and introduces the upstart scribe Thomas Laceby. I had a lot of fun writing this. kobo.com/gb/en/ebook/a-scribbl

Hope Not Hate are recruiting a deradicalisation case worker, which may suit someone with an education/youth work background.

UK Politics 

It's voting day in the local elections. Don't forget to vote! Polls close at 10m.

UK voting 

Do you have a postal vote? You can get one for just this election, or on an ongoing basis. Some (not all) local authorities will also let you email them your forms.


ProTip: If you're in school and you're given an email address (here, .edu domain emails are common), don't use it for things which will require a long-term access

Or for anything your school disagrees with or want to keep from the prying eyes of the administration and IT. Policies/Laws mean little if the capability exists

Once you graduate, or leave through another means, you may loss access to your email and any other account registered with it, if you can't change it later

SF Publishing, Nazis 

Baen Books has a forum that seems to be a white supremacist cesspool, according to Jason Sanford's report:


@Gargron The Twitter Mastodon account just retweeted some far-right type encouraging people to join Mastodon. That would be exactly the worst outcome of the current goings-on in the US, and the response of other social networks.

Another lockdown will no doubt encourage predatory types, including loan sharks. Learn more about them or report them with Stop Loan Sharks, run by the Illegal Money Lending Team.


UK pol, death threat, HIGNFY 

So apparently some no-name guest made a suggestion about bombing Corbyn supporters on Have I Got News For You. I don't have a sense of humour about that stuff.

Here's the complaints form. I will be grateful to everyone who joins me in making a complaint.


There's a news report about it here with the details: uk.news.yahoo.com/fin-taylor-b

So Disney has decided they don't have to pay Alan Dean Foster (and who knows how many other authors?) royalties he's owed by contract for books he wrote. This can't be allowed to stand. It sets an awful precedent.

Covid adjacent, but what isn't these days? 

So my announcement that we shouldn't do paper Christmas cards this year didn't go down well with my son. I told him it was an infection risk, and email messages would be better.

Am I being too strict? What's everyone else doing?

Don't Contribute Anything Relevant in Web Forums Like Reddit
... just a few days old and it already is the number one blog article of mine according to access and feedback. 😎
#decentralization #PIM #cloud

My town was rammed today as everyone in England tries to stock up for lockdown 2. I just did my normal Saturday food shop, in shops that won't be closed because they're considered essential. They were still packed.

Celebrity RIP 

RIP Sean Connery. Such a fun actor in all of his roles.

I expect recycling is up because of more home deliveries. I find brown cardboard composts very well so long as you let it get wet and take off any glue strips or tape. Worms love it.


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