Confession: I've never finished The Silmarillion. What classics have you never read that you feel guilty about?

@rivervox I never finished the follow up to Neuromancer (was it Count Zero?). I didn't manage to get into Gibson *at all* and feel kind of bad about it.

@stjaerna Yes, it is Count Zero and I didn't get through it either. I did read Mona Lisa Overdrive, but there is something about his characters I don't connect with. Huge respect for his ideas though! Ah well.

@rivervox I never finished LOTR even though I'm a huge fan.

@rivervox I own the book, so I'm hoping to get back at it when fall comes. Fingers crossed!

@rivervox At the moment, I've tried reading a bit outside my favorite genre (science fiction), going for Orlando.

I'm getting a bit bogged down. I've dropped it for the moment - I'll see what happens when I return to it.

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