Very happy to get my paws on just released The Origin of Storms by Elizabeth Bear. 3rd book of the Lotus Kingdoms series. Should I wait for the long weekend or take a sip?

Very, very excited for the Sandman on August 5!

It's funny how you forget how beautiful the trees are with leaves, and then stop noticing as summer comes to town.

I'm enjoying the sci-fi podcast Solar, which is a radio play. I also started Rabbits which seems interesting. Any recommendations for other fiction ? Waiting impatiently for the return of LeVar Burton Reads!

Really enjoyed . I appreciate how they've got the old Trek swagger plus the new cast diversity. Only thing that bugged me was that La'an seems to be a copy of Drummer from . Did anyone else feel that way?

Woke up with this lyric on my mind: "If you plant ice you're gonna harvest wind". It gave me a sliver of hope on a dark day.

"It's May, it's May, the month of yes you may
The time for every frivolous whim, proper or im" 🌸

My new favorite work music is Joe Hisaishi's Studio Ghibli soundtracks!

Confession: I've never finished The Silmarillion. What classics have you never read that you feel guilty about?

Hey folks, I'm an SFF reader, parent of teens, living the Boston area. I work as a website/Salesforce/whatever connects to the internet admin. For sanity's sake, I walk, bike, listen to Bach, sing show tunes and watch Dr. Who. Don't believe in the Oxford comma.

Soon after meeting me, I will advise you to see Everything Everywhere All at Once. Current book: Fevered Sun by Rebecca Roanhorse.

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