I'm trying to apply the same thinking that helped me make hundreds of songs to my writing: process!

So instead of trying to wing it every time I open the DAW/text editor, I can follow a checklist to get the thing built, then do the fancy creative stuff later.

I'm currently designing a process to get writing done, but I want to see what others do to be productive writers. What's your process?

I like this instance. It's nice being able to go into my mastodon.social profile for the chaos and all the interesting things it brings, then drop in here or another niche instance and focus on a specific hobby.

This Voyager episode where they find Ferengi acting like gods on a pre-warp world has some story ideas rolling in my head.

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If you like , make sure to check out that hashtag and use it when you post about your knitting. Also, check out , which will happen in December (it’s a nice asymmetrical triangular shawl/scarf - free pattern).

For / in general, there will be come January - stay tuned! You can use whatever projects you have going anyway, though there will also be learning challenges.

How the library doesn't already have the Redwall eBook is beyond me.

Also: Draft2Digital just started distributing to Amazon. I always hated having to fight with KDP's inadequate interface back when I tried self-publishing non-fiction. That's going to be nice to have when I eventually publish some stories.

So let's talk about furry fiction, meaning: it's generally by and for furries, though non-furries seem to enjoy it sometimes. A lot of it jumps into the story assuming you know about animal people.

But I want to write for furries _and_ people outside the community. How would you start off a scene with an animal person main character to make sure the reader knows they're not human?

Like imagine they just plucked it off Amazon as a sample and they know nothing about it. What do you do?

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Oh my goodness our page covers our monthly costs! Thank you so much, friends!

Any additional money will go to supporting development, or maybe upgrading us to a beefier instance.


So what does everyone here use to write? I've wobbled all over: Scrivener, Google Keep, LibreOffice, even Visual Studio Code.

I think I'm back on Scrivener now, maybe even saving for the new version that's on the way to bring parity between Windows and Mac.

In a previous life, I wrote scifi furry smut. Thinking about going back to writing furry scifi, but maybe with more actual plot and less lewd. :P

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