Over the last couple weeks, I discovered that I can effectively redirect my brain from “doomscroll on social media” towards “read a book”, and now I’ve finished 2/3 of the Broken Earth series by NK Jemisin.

Any recs for next books to pick up when I’m done?

Last night I jokingly calqued “Taylor Swift” into German as “Schneider Schnell”, and I think I’ve accidentally invented a great name for a drag persona.

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question: have you ever worked at a company with a standardized grammatical style for code comments? does something like that feel helpful? or just tedious? how was the style communicated?

And finally, extra credit: me trying to re-make the t-shirt that was my comfort item when I was a little kid. Pictured with the original.

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Recently I got the serger out and remembered just how easy t-shirts are, so here are some t-shirts, each with a story associated with them!

#1 is a bright blue shirt whose color reminded me of Doctor Crusher's lab coat from Star Trek. I will gladly tell you why Doctor Crusher's lab coat is important.

#2 is a baseball t-shirt I put together from a Uniqlo shirt that didn't fit.

#3 is a shark t-shirt, which doesn't have much of a story behind it. But: shark!

Link to Instagram because I don't know how to post videos here: instagram.com/p/Bx7qJkpgw6C/

This is retro-reflective material I bought from therainshed.com. The retro-reflectivity makes it look really different under different lights, and makes photographing it really tough sometimes!

Easing into my 30s by buying paint chips to stick on the wall. I assume this is what "fun" is from now on?

Ah yes, that time of year when the chilly weather pits my craftiness & thriftiness against my pragmatism by asking: “should I just turn the heater on, or should I try to sew some sort of mobile full-body cocoon?”

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Ahhh yes, Scarface, the movie about the master knitter

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On leaving the politics out of hacking 

So I guess that sufficient time has passed that I'll tell the story.

At a company I once worked at one of the managers sent out an email. Could anyone volunteer to give some programming classes at one of the local schools? It sounded ok: a bit of outreach and a chance to educate the next generation. Until I looked up what school it was. Turned out it was one of the elite private schools for rich kids only.

One of my co-workers replied, saying that they had also looked up the school and that they were affluent enough that they could just hire a hacker for a few evenings. There are plenty of hackers around who could use a bit of extra income. They also said that volunteering for this would merely help to perpetuate special privileged access to skills or knowledge by the rich, and I agreed. I said it's not a feedback loop that we should be helping to reinforce. If it were a state school it would be a different proposition.

It later turned out that the school in question was where the manager was sending their own children, and this pulled the rug out from their previous often repeated statements about "believing in meritocracy". It made them look like a hypocrite - claiming that anyone could rise while trying to give an already over-privileged class yet more advantages.

In a later meeting when the hypocrisy was pointed out the manager went on a rant about "there will be no more politics at this company". Everyone just looked at them as if they had just said something really unintelligent. Which of course they had.

There is always politics in hacking. Many of the hackers of my generation didn't come from elite schools. They were not "toffs" with special tutors. Most attended state schools and were self-taught on home computers. The "apolitical hacker" is just someone who thinks that their own politics should be hegemonic.

and why is it brave? Well, because … it’s tough! Everyone knows it’s tough.

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These are the things that you can pick out because when you’re starting out in a field, someone will be like “oh, wow, you’re trying to do that?! that’s brave!”

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I’m curious about problems that are exacerbated by us thinking that they‘re problems. I’ve noticed a few, and I wonder if anyone else has good examples.

food; alcohol; dumb memes 

you, a pleb: pizza and beer
me, a Californian intellectual: homebrewed plum saison and potato pizza

anarchism.space/@aredridel/100 @aredridel has thoughtful and beautiful words as I have come to expect, and I'm grateful for having these words to read tonight. ❤️

I knew about jackets, and I guess that sort of makes sense to me, but … pants?!

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I‘m worried this is going to be one of those “I am Californian and what is a ‘winter’?“ things, but: pants are sometimes _lined_ with charmeuse or whatever? … why??

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