It’s an everyday lunch time in the museum, and you are a fine raptor.

There's a lot of things I want to say about this photo - ignoring the rest, it's a photo of many pads freshly cut from a prickly pear (specifically Devin, a close family friend that lives down the street.)

Emergent front-line indigenous medicine seems to have been ahead of allopathic medicine through this pandemic. Reasonable, given their different mechanisms in... every regard.

I'm only now seeing recognition in conversations among well-educated colonial folk about the potential that COVID's severe symptoms are caused by a bradykinin storm; this was hypothesized in a discussion among Indigenous medicine-workers in Turtle Island back in mid-March.

I reckon in a year we'll probably recognize we're dealing with two diseases caused by the same virus: SARS-Cov-2, a severe accurate respiratory syndrome which occurs soon after infection with the novel coronavirus, and a yet-to-be-recognized angioedema.


A potential inhibitor of bradykinin production - a thing which has not been heavily researched in allopathic medicine, as it is normally an interest to increase bradykinin production - is manganese, which may help with ischemic edema, one of the suspected edemic mechanisms of COVID.

Prickly pear pads and fruit - nopal and tuna in Spanish - is super-high in accessible manganese!

So, I'm going to be adding that to my medicine garden, which has a few things growing for their potential to diminish the severity of COVID's more severe symptoms - garlic, ginger, and aloe are the three that i've had a lot of luck growing, but I also aim to grow things high in betalains that arent high in anthocyanins, like beets or - hey, prickly pear fruit!


Anyway given its potential use as a medicine I went to Devin and took some new growth to propagate and I'll transplant this around the community (with or without folks consent tbh) to produce a harvest come next spring (pads, manganese) and late summer (flowers, betalain)

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Hey there! I'm Brandon, a writer, poet & game designer from 🇹🇹! Here's how you can support my work:


Spent a lot of the day trying to ignore JK Terfling's recent "here I am trying to stay relevant by demonizing trans women" reveal. Sadly, when you're in the witchcraft/astrology/general spirituality communities you can't avoid it

I'm a trans man working a net-negative job with a side single tarot draw ko-fi with very few clients, with 10 free readings for trans BIPOC clients that have not been claimed

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average person at high risk of getting cancelled" factoid actualy just statistical error. average person at very low risk of getting cancelled. JK Rowling, who is extremely an asshole & gets cancelled 10,000 times each day, is an outlier adn should not have been counted

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not to be that guy, but @error_1202 has a point LOL

the colorism/antiblackness that gets defended on here and the protection some ppl have allotted for non black poc and white passing folks honestly, would never fly if it was solely gender violence

and as much as i hate to compare things, contextually, it applies. fucking sad

if you want to know why people of color aren't signing up for accounts on here it's nothing to do with software and everything to do with two things . 1)average user is a white anarchist in Portland and 2) they think we do nothing but those uwu cuties need cuddles pleroma hellthreads that just devolve into erotic roleplay and no one on here understands boundaries

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there's no racial slurs involved, so it's not real racism, right?


it IS, but you live in a liberal paradise!!!

and you turn a blind eye as to what "paradise" contains.

here's the thing:

white people see this shit. they see it happening. they do not connect the dots that it's due to racism, because that means confronting their own privilege.

you assume that racism is going to look like someone marching in a KKK hood. it doesn't, though. it looks like the dude who smiles at you but scowls at me and my friends, or spits -- literally, spits! -- on my former student.

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