gender, race, Pokemon bs, overthinking it (~) 

gender, Pokemon bs, overthinking it (~) 

gender, Pokemon bs, overthinking it (~) 

‪Work outlook is looking grim. I’m officially looking now. If anyone knows of a place near Somerville MA hiring perm/direct hire for an IT/tech support/break fix position hmu. NO contract no temp no temp to perm no retail no call centers. Internal preferred. Please boost and share‬

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It’s just a tea time in the town square, and you are a god-forsaken gosling.

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Hello, My name is Vickie, or as others know me as Heffboom Konijn. I'm a transgender female who is having transition surgery this Christmas.

I have created a Gofundme as I need financial help to survive until I return to work in March.

Please ReTweet/share on any social media *hugs*

hey so. with JK shit. the scottish government has issued a consultation on the gender recognition act and the big fight for us here currently is to abolish so-called "reflection periods" etc and push through proper, humane gender recognition. jk rowling herself is a resident of edinburgh, scotland, so if you're stinging from her doubling down on what we already knew, here is a way you can channel that energy (as far as i know u dont need to be scottish to do this)

The Peter Bradshaw 1-star review of CATS on the Guardian?

It's entirely in verse. [fingerkiss]

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There's a beautiful version of the Huron Carol on it in the original Wendat. There are some interesting thoughts on the history of this carol here:

Listening to Bruce Cockburn's (fantastic) Christmas album from start to finish, and debating whether or not I should buy it for my mother.

He shifts wildly between genres, in a good way, and all of those are stuff Mom enjoys (she's a music teacher). But I'm not sure if it might be a bit *too* much whiplash. Hm.

To borrow a turn of phrase: we will fight until we win.

ukpol, scotpol 

Some 'voting is consenting to capitalism' posts popping up on my feed. I understand, but not right now.

Help people not die first, wank about theory later.

#Icelandic has some useful words which English lacks.

(Of course, this will be true of any pair of languages - English and #Icelandic are simply the ones I use the most and know best.)

My favourite such word tends to be "sólarhringur": a sun-circle, the 24 period of one day and one night.


Lately I've been really missing a good translation for "spennufall": literally a "tension drop." It's used to name the deflated feeling you get when you've been stressed or under pressure... and suddenly it's over, whatever it was.

Inexplicably sad after winning a contest? Spennufall.

Feeling empty after passing a difficult exam? Spennufall.

Unable to enjoy your new found freedom after meeting a deadline? Spennufall.

Pretty much any time you should be celebrating but just want to climb into bed and sleep instead, that's probably #spennufall.

It's a very useful word!

Here's Raffle#2 in Operation Seth.

Seth Wood, is a full time #blacksmith in NSW who recently lost his home and his forge to the bushfires. As a means of helping him get back on his feet, QMAC are running a few raffles with amazing donated prizes.
This raffle is knife heavy, so if you're in to beautiful knives, grab yourself some tickets!

Boost far and wide, for Seth is a great guy really in need.

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