It was meltingly hot, which was a problem for someone made of ice.

She stared at her hands, normally a perfect cloudy glass, now slick and shrinking.

'That's it,' said her roommate. 'You're coming to work with me.'

The cold storage at the supermarket was bitingly refreshing and she soon felt like herself again.

Her roommate's co-workers were all very understanding. 'There just isn't good air con in the UK,' said one. 'Sometimes I think about hiding in there myself!'

#microfiction #TootFic

seeking academic articles :boost_ok: 

Any JSTOR wizards here? We are looking for a couple articles that we can't get through any of our usual methods (& yes, we tried sci-hub). Here are the links:

ukpol, vaguely COVID (-) 

Headline from the Mirror says over 100 fines have been issued to Government officials, which just... [throws hands up in the air, walks away]

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ukpol, vaguely COVID (-) 

I am not a fan of Starmer by any means. However, it is galling as hell to see headlines like '50 more Downing Street Covid rule-breaking fines issued', while Starmer once having a beer with a takeaway in someone's office is apparently equal or worse a travesty.

And that he's willing to potentially resign if fined (admittedly, just to stick the point to the PM), and the Tory Govt just are laughing off everything like they've done all their privileged wee lives.

sexual health stuff (+), gender stuff 

Made the appointment this morning despite taxi snafus. I ended up having to Uber to get there on time, which I don't love, but if I was more than 10 minutes late I'd have had to reschedule. Sigh.

Anyway, now I'm sorted for another five years. Crampy, but I'm glad to have sorted things.

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While I was in the US, my husband got into plants and now he is certifiably a Plant Dad. It's so adorable. 🌱 🌱 🌱

s*xual health stuff (+), gender stuff 

The Mirena has been really good for me, as it means I basically have no periods at all. (This is something that I really appreciate, dealing with periods being one of the few things that make me dysphoric.)

It may not work for everyone, fyi, but I'm glad to have found something that does this for me.

And here in Scotland, it's completely free.

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s*xual health stuff (~), adhd fail 

Me: :blob_dizzy_face:

Anyway, that's £25 in ADHD tax for taxis (it'd be an hour on the bus, I was not in the mood), good job me.

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s*xual health stuff (~), adhd fail 

So I *finally* got an appointment to get my Mirena replaced--it's nearly a year overdue. Because of weird physiology, I have to have it done at the s*xual health clinic, and they've only just started having appointments free again.

So I was really good, got a taxi to the other side of town, was on time...

Only to find out, at the desk, that my appointment is tomorrow.

cancer, dying (someone else) - 

...just found out that a fandom friend's been dxed with terminal cancer and is currently in the hospital. I tired and sad. It has been a rough few weeks.

CW USA politics / Roe v. Wade and ff. 

It pays to have a look at the current events re: SCOTUS and leak and (most probably) cancelling of Roe v. Wade and how this came about.

It was a drip-drip strategy, followed over decades. It happened out in the open. Nothing relevant was secret. (Perhaps the money flows involved were to many.)

There have been chances to stop this. Now, the citizens of the USA face the edge of the cliff.

Browsing through pages on the internet and in social media, one encounters many posts of regret of people who say, "Why didn't we pay attention?" and "Why didn't we act earlier?"

It merits thinking about this. Diversion. Obfuscation. Virtual prioritisation, such as "It's the economy, stupid."

Sometimes, it helps to step back and think about what we hold important in the long run. Values. Rights. Opportunities. Survival. And prioritize our actions accordingly.

Because there is more to come.

Because I'm long-winded, somre expansion: I am fannish af. Can't believe I'm now coming up on being a fannish elder, wtf--in my head I'm still 17 and sneaking around downloading X-Files fic. I also have a long history of online RP (LJ/DW, Tumblr, and now forums).

I have chronic OCD and my brain is made of ADHD, so that shapes a lot.

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Oh, I guess I should do an again...

I'm Paige/Rhi, 30mumble, White immigrant from the US who's now living in Glasgow. Pronouns in profile. I am a QT disabled feminist geek with a mild attitude problem. Politically, I describe myself as a Social Justice Steersperson (thx Rosemary Kirstein).

I work in HR/tech, but my aca background is in cultural studies and screen media, and i try to keep up with that ish bc I love it.

I love cooking, SFF, knitting, and drinking coffee. Hi.

Anyway, I assumed it was a Trouble in Shangri-La 20th anniversary release (that came out around this time of year, iirc), and was kicking myself.

But nope, just a vinyl Bella Donna special edition.

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Matt told me belatedly that there was a Stevie Nicks record for Record Store Day this year. 'It's one where she has a big floaty dress on the cover.'

This does not narrow it down.

anxiety, family, dying (-) 

So my dearly loved grandmother had a stroke Friday and is dying. Fortunately (?) she has still been conscious and able to talk a little, so I did get to speak with her yesterday on FaceTime.

As a result, I've been working out the logistics of getting to the US this week and have got everything sorted, but I'm now edgy as hell with travel anxiety.

Grieving and anxious, what a combo.

ukpol, media (-) 

...I have a lot of thoughts about this proposed privatization of Channel 4 and why it is bad on multiple levels.

As ever, it's Tories trying to break what they can't control and what makes them look bad, and making a hot mess economically in the process.

(Is the media industry broken? Yes, but that doesn't mean you then take a sledgehammer and break the constituent parts to smithereens.)

I'm going to start streaming again.

Starting next Sunday which also happens to be my birthday (that was not planned, I just kind of forgot it was April).

A 2hr session on Sundays to begin with, and after April is over we'll see if we should update the schedule.

And I will be using this time as fund-raising to pay off my student debt.

So I was down in London for work this week, which would have been a lot better if I:
- had slept/could sleep properly
- was not caught in the BA nightmare that mean I had to fly into Edinburgh to get back to Scotland yesterday

So much for TDOV. I was visible on transit.

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