Donate to the organisation who exposed the forced work conditions of immigrant employees working for £3/hr in Leicester (even when they had tested positive for the coronavirus) here: (

Article about that:

HIV Criminalization: Targeting QTBlPOC 

Today's gender is anxiety and the smell of honeysuckle.

food-adjacent (~) 

food-adjacent (~) 

I'm startled every time I see an embedded gif in a promotional email with a lot of other still images (this time it was M&S), which clearly is a sign that I am Getting Old.

I know it's a lot to ask, and everyone has a lot of things going on and a lot of pressing issues that demand their attention and funds, but if anyone can spare anything for a young, broke, homeless latina trans woman rn, I would appreciate it immensely.$columbidae

genetic study on ME/CFS in the UK 

hello my name is Jessica and i need a job.

i have a PhD in Computer Science specializing in Machine Learning and Computer Vision, but at this point i would take nearly any programming work.

i have experience numerous languages, operating systems, frameworks, and toolkits.

i am also an autistic transgender lesbian so any work i take has to be accommodating.

i'm currently living in east coast USA but willing to relocate nearly anywhere.

résumé available on request, thank you ✨

It’s a fine night in the cybercafé, and you are a wonderful drake.

article, the murder of Sheku Bayoh in Kirkcaldy by Scottish police 

💜 Non-binary does not necessarily mean androgynous
💛 It's okay to question your gender identity
🤍 It's okay if your pronouns change
🖤 Your feelings are legitimate

Queer update: Just so you know, I'm feeling commendably queer.

abuse, #metoo, comics (not me personally) (-) 

probably like 90% of the inquiries to Ask a Manager would not exist if the letter writers were in a union, my god Americans truly do not realize how abusive most workplaces are and how individualizing problems is one of the most effective ways in which management prevents possible unionization or solidarity actions

Happy pride month. Kind of a coming out: I wrote a blog post about how gender isn't a fixed thing and the trans community needs to be better at unlearning the gender binary.

**PG&E pleads guilty to 84 deaths in 2018 California wildfire**

"'Our equipment started that fire', utility's CEO says as company admits to involuntary manslaughter in California court."

#news #bot

The Midtown Global Market is just over halfway to its goal for recovering from the events at the end of May.

And they're just a fraction of a block of several miles of Lake street that was destroyed.

This isn't even a fundraising ask (though if you have resources that aren't better used elsewhere, my community has needs), just an observation at how many people were affected and that philanthropy and private generosity isn't likely to remediate the harm that was done.

medical debt and a gofundme for a broke queer indigenous writer 

SCOTUS, good news!! 

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