Heh, I'm reminded that the Scottish Gaelic Duolingo section that deals with weather is called 'Rain, etc.'

Tha e fliuch a-nis.

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I mean, it's good, because the ground has gone crispy af and I was worrying about my outdoor plants, but it's been a mental adjustment.

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It's...kind of weird to have it be cool, grey, cloudy, and misting, after the past week and a half.

🌧️ 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

Hi everyone, it's my birthday today!! & I've discovered a twitter pal who has a fundraiser for top surgery. If you could send over a few £ as a birthday present to me to help them on their way I'd love that so much 💜💜💜


Four brown, queer, and trans folks lost their home in a multiple alarm fire that started in an adjacent vacant house a few blocks from me. Please pitch in. #tw


May we all soon go about as our real selves and take joy in it, saying, yes, yes, to whatever we are.' — Carol Emshwiller

mild injury (-) 

Well, I've started out :nonbinary_flag: by breaking a glass bowl and cutting myself a little in the process of trying to catch it. sigh.

yes, I am an adult of thirtymumble years, of course I am.

django hiring post, boosts welcome 

🚀 Alright fedi gang, do your magic please. 😊 Looking for a junior #Django dev in the UTC+05:00 to UTC+08:00 timezone. At least 6 months of experience; ideally a year.

The company is a small business, and isn't a total dumpster fire as far as treating you goes (yay). I was quite pleasantly surprised, in fact. Fully remote (the whole team is!). Full time: 40 hours per week spread over Mon-Fri.

Project is ~2 months in and a standard Django thingy.

You'll work with me. Feel free to check my site (rusingh.com/) to get a sense of who I am. Happy to help you throughout your onboarding and beyond.

If you have any questions, get in touch with me: rusingh.com/elsewhere/.

Apply here: forms.bloo.io/f/ckqzea5ja17874

Time for hash-tag spam, which I know doesn't quite work on fedi, but we're also kinda hoping it does. Overlook, please. 🙃

#boostwelcome #boostswelcome #hiring #python #india #philippines #southasia #southeastasia #remotejobs #remotejob

fun fact: Tom Petty even wrote her an additional verse of lyrics for this cover, because Grace Jones is that cool

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Random thought of the day: Recently I discovered that Grace Jones did a cover of 'Breakdown' by Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers.
Stripped back, brooding, delightful...it's like a warm summer night, tbqh.


Today's ! Clearance item! Bracelet, HP3-1, Purple & Black! Purple and black anodized aluminum alternating in the Half Persian 3 into 1 weave. Measures 6" plus clasp and safety chain. ko-fi.com/s/8e08026268

COVID, large events, SFF thoughts 

I mean, I've read Sarah Pinsker's stories set in a mildly dystopian post-pandemic world where live music gigs do not happen at all out of fear of illness. (these got fleshed out/expanded into her novel A Song for a New Day.)

That's not what I want or am looking for, tbqh. I just don't think we're there yet when it comes to virus management.

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PSA: test your CO sensor/get one if you don't have one. It just saved mine and my husband's life tonight.

COVID (-), sporting events, US ish 

And look, I'm not saying that there have to be no cases at all for ongoing openings, that's not feasible.

It's just that events where people in the tens of thousands will turn up and be in close proximity, and people will be watching inside with groups and drinking? Kind of a bad idea yet, wherever you are on the planet.

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COVID (-), sporting events, US ish 

Meanwhile, back home, my mother tells me that our local MLB stadium is back to standard operating procedure and full capacity, which I just...cannot with...as well as there being NBA playoffs in town. I'd be shocked if you don't see this same kind of event sprinkled across the US, especially with the NBA finals.

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COVID (-), Scotland 

Thanks a f-ing lot, bros. I went to the PHS dashboard yesterday before looking at the news and nearly fell off my gd chair. (link via @linuzifer & @Cedara)


Three days left to get my books 50% off in the itch.io Summer Sale!

📚 👻 💀 🖤 ✨

Spooky-sweet tales of necromancy and librarians, including my novel BOOKS & BONE, and a supporting novelette and short stories.


adhd heh (-) 

Me: I need to eat something before I can take something for this headache
Also Me: [does five other things rather than get up and go the 10 feet over to the cereal]


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mild irritation about health (-) 

Someone in the neighbourhood is listening to morning radio or a podcast or something on a stereo with enough power to make the low tones/bass carry.

All I can hear is muffled blather, but it's *resonant* muffled blather, and as I woke up with a migraine brewing, I am not best pleased.

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