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This #poll would appreciate 1,093 votes, please!

Which of the following best describes how you think of yourself?

water bottles are just sippy cups for adults

and I love them

April Fools has been cancelled in observance of "Be Awesome to your Neighbor" day

Still here and okay, folks, just had some technical difficulties the last few days.

I hope you're all well.

A reminder that Hot-Blooded/Cool-Headed Lovers and The Moon Wants Me To Leave You are new to my Itch game storefront, if you're looking for something to play!

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covid, health (~) 

Hoping my folk in the Fediverse are all well. I'm all right for now, myself. Just checking in.

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It’s an abhorrent suppertime in the commune, and you are a god-forsaken persian cat.

With Covid19 spreading and many people isolated in their homes, some artists in Japan are spreading the legend of the Amabie and sharing their interpretations of what this yokai might look like.

It's an expression of hope, creativity, and whimsy.

The Amabie is a yokai with a scaly body, long hair, a beak, and three legs. It is often portrayed with diamond-shaped eyes.

In its one recorded appearance, it told a government official to share its image with everyone to protect them from harm, if a plague should break out.

Yokai are creatures in Japanese tradition that are somewhere between spirits and monsters and cryptids.

Right now, a relatively obscure yokai called Amabie (ah-mah-bee-eh) is enjoying a resurgence, thanks to its legend and quirky appearance.

It’s a well and good tea time in the plaza, and you are a fantastic secretary bird.

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