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this was a little rough, ngl. around mile 3 i lost control and had to stop a couple times to gather myself. i felt like i wasn't gonna make it thru the run. but, i pushes thru and managed to make it to the other side

its sunday, that means its long run day, and its time for another 10k

another picture of the chattahoochee? i must be halfway done already!

its sunday, which means its long run day. time for eight miles

its a little rainy, but thankfully its light enough i should be able to do this

just did the epic thank you run with coach bennett, and i wanted to thank you all for all the encouragement during the half marathon journey! its been really fun and y'all's encouragement has helped me keep it up. so thank you!!

today i am doing a practice run for race day. 13.1k, where each kilometer represents one mile

this run landed on halloween, so i got a cute little award to go with it too

this week's long run was only sixty minutes, so i focused on having faster miles while still giving an easy effort. i think 13:36 avg mile was pretty good considering my usual pace

this week's long run is just seven miles, but it's seven good ones

this is it

this coming sunday, i'll be hitting the half marathon after a relaxing and fun week of running. i'm excited

just did the pentultimate run of the program. all thats left is to do the half marathon tomorrow


@CyclopsCaveman aaaaaaa well done for all your hard work so far and good luck 🌟🌟🌟🌟

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