talking re. different kinds of nightmares (scary) 

omg haven't been woken up by a nightmare in a long time and i forgot how harrowing it is (those nightmares that aren't scary BC of monsters/violence but BC you've been told a really bad piece of news and the last thing you remember of your dream self is just crying and crying) - it's like how in the former kind of nightmare you typically wake up if your dream self dies in the dream, in the latter, the news is just too terrible to bear so you awake


on the plus side (of i guess just waking up in general) i love these lil light bubble beams that stream in through my blinds at only a specific time of the morning

nightmares aren't nice but i'm grateful that they're only dreams and typically i'm usually 'over them' by the end of the day ! so time to begin said day 🌸

my sister is coming over for a festive meal/evening (we're making all the thanksgiving food we'd make if my mums were here and putting up the xmas tree so it's up when they return from their trip) so that should be fun!

hope y'all have nice things to look forward to today too (and if you don't, give yourself that something!)

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