mastodon is amazing n makes me a happy lil bee (everyone is so fun n nice on here 💞) ; i downloaded it to replace my dumb addiction to instagram bc fuck the zuck


i do miss all the fun erotic artists i was following on there 🥺🥺

anyone kno any fun sexy art on the fediverse ?

@raindrops There's a pretty strong furry culture on here if you're into that. There are quite a few waifu accounts, but that's mainly women. Other than that, I haven't come across other forms of erotic art on here.

@raindrops There's quite a lot around.

I know @JenJen is one of them, but she's not mega active right now. May be worth looking through their TL to see what she's boosted in the past etc.

@raindrops it's one of those, when you find one it's easy to just look at what they've posted and who they've boosted to find more like-minded people

@raindrops there. i. so. much... lol

you will land upon some in no time. its worth using the search feature on mastodon. that can help locate other things from such places like @pixelfed that you can still share here👍

@raindrops There's tons if you're looking in the right places.

There was instance, but it went quiet.


@drq @raindrops We've had a lot of the artalley peeps moving over here since it closed but I couldn't tell you who they are off the top of my head I'm afraid XD

@drq @Curator ooo that sounds like it would've been a fun instance haha ☀️

you could look at some of the more risque instances like or pawoo. pawoo is mostly Japanese people. if you see an account you want to follow when you're browsing another Fedi site, cut & paste the URL from your browser into the search bar on your home instance to open a local copy of that post/profile.

@raindrops hiiii I’m just getting started on here but I make erotic watercolor artwork. Fuck the zuck 👊✊

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