i was also today years old when i found out the kanji for hedgehog makes ‘pin mouse’ which warms my soul to no end 🦔

another sketch from my daily watercolouring throughout july 🐺🌙

MY LIL HEDGEHOG FRIEND HAS OVER 100 ⭐ -- that is so sweet and crazy i'm kinda in disbelief

talking about my hedgehog (mh) 

i painted them when i was in a really low place earlier this year after a breakup

i began watercolouring / journalling every day to help process how i was feeling and to get through the really tough moments; it helped me move just one day at a time

the hedgehog was painted on day 2 - super early on in what would become a month-long journal that provided a huge amount of comfort and healing - so means a great deal to me

i'm so glad so many others liked them too

@raindrops And that's an adorable lil needlemouse right there. :blobaww: :hedgehog:

@raindrops as a former human to a hedgehog this also brings me joy

@raindrops that's beautiful! I love how it's minimal up close but looks full featured at a distance. Well done!

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