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my first toot! can't wait to spill some nonsense on here, but first a little 🐾

i'm currently studying a master's in contemporary + theory (the fifth year of my academic love affair with literature + philosophy) so expect plenty of book-related thoughts 📚

other fun goals shaping my life rn: wanting to run a half-marathon later this year and my introduction to the long road of learning japanese!

in short, i'm a bi, hummus-loving, water-enthusiast who loves to cry x

fun fact i totally wanted to do horror movie screams when i was younger -- i thought that was a full-time career i could pursue

blair witch project; spooks 

y'all i have had to rewatch the blair witch project so many times for this paper now (not all in one sitting obvi and in choppy sections non-chronologically) but the ending still without fail gives me the heebie jeebies; heather is just so good at scared-heroine-screaming i love it

it’s just so exciting thinking about reading *for* fun again rather than doing reading which is super fun but also for my studies 📚

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can’t stop won’t stop thinking about which books i’m going to bring to japan with me

have two assignments due this week and i'm hoping to finish the ecology paper today 🌿 -- currently in the hellish process of word cutting.

this morning i had 400 to cut and now i'm at 350 let's goooo ✂️ ⚔️

it has been so windy lately, i feel like i'm in a sea novel

in other lovely news, my mum’s girlfriend picked up the book on the blair witch project from the library for me that i thought i wouldn’t be able to get bc of lockdown 🥺🥺 so sweet and i’m so psyched to read these essays

needless to say i’m struggling to focus on anything

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it’s crazy how soon it’ll all be happening given that i’m still studying my master’s 🌳 i hand in my dissertation 9 days before i leave for japan 🌪

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nearly half a year, this has without a doubt been the longest application process i’ve ever been through - - it’s been so valuable practicing patience and having to let go of control x my emotions have been on such a ride and i’m still feeling such disbelief that any of this is real 🐢

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i submitted the application in december last year, found out i got through to the interview stage in february, had the interview in march, and have just received the interview results yesterday three months later 🥵

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i just received the news yesterday that i got a job offer for working as a teaching assistant in japan starting this september 🇯🇵 (!!!!!!!!)

went on such a calming walk this evening; wonderful company, wonderful clouds 🦢

have had a lovely evening of noodles n gaming - now it’s time to kick butt in a (tooting to hold me accountable 🐥)

the weather in witcher iii should be seen as its own character ⛈ ⚔️ it always matches and enhances the mood of the narrative perfectly and is so gorgeous to play through

loud rain on the roof, a warm blanket, and a sleepin kitten next to me: i am the dictionary definition of cozy rn 🐈

d and i have been playing pokémon let’s go eevee in japanese to try and improve our reading comprehension but maaaaan lately i’ve just been wanting to sit with a pint of oj and blast through the whole thing 🍊 :pokeball:

very proud of these house chillies 🌶 🌼 it’s been so lovely seeing how they grow out of the dying flowers !

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