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the idea of a new month is SO INVITING rn, a big fat hello to august yes β˜€οΈ

just proofread the next issue of the literature magazine i copy-edit for and this has been my favourite edition so far and i never thought i'd be so emotional checking for typos

waaaaaaaaaaaah finally watched adventure time obsidian and it was as cute and mushy as i could dream for ✨✨✨

late summer night sitting in a big field watching the city lights and the moon go by getting eaten by bugs what a good time

definitely DONT get sucked into a 5 part article on the extinct wolves in japan

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hydrangeas ! so bright ! i love them !

+ their kanji is also beautiful: the violet sunshine flower η΄«ι™½θŠ±

writing on telekinesis and most of the articles on it are about stephen king's carrie but i never finished reading it --- do i try and binge-read it in one sitting tonight or do i confront my weakness (not wanting cool books to be spoiled) for +100 maturity xp

sometimes its enough to just let the day go by 🌻

met this lil one on my walk today: determined to channel their go-getter energy !!

this pond was so dreamy and the dragonflies so friendly

my sister gave me japanese beatrix potter πŸ₯ΊπŸ₯Ί i loooove them

i was also today years old when i found out the kanji for hedgehog makes β€˜pin mouse’ which warms my soul to no end πŸ¦”

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