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the colour of this building brought me so much joy 🌻

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talking about my ass yall 

forever caught between the rock and hard place of wanting to avoid vpl and wanting to avoid my whole bum being visible through my trousers

have yet to master this delicate balance

i have so much love for so many of the characters in the matrix franchise it hurts haha

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the matrix resurrections spoilers (and general franchise spoilers!) 

y'all my fam and i marathoned the first three matrix movies in a day bc i had never seen the second and third films before

first of all they were not at all what i thought theyd be about (so much robot war?? they killed the sun ?? what!!) i adored them

tonight we finally watched the new one

and let me tell you

the love between neo and trinity is all the good i need in this fucked up world hahaha

i love them both hehe

gotta wait a couple days before i can start working but ye ☺️ feeling good

now gonna shower and then spend the afternoon learning the conditional form in jp πŸ’ͺ

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i am feeling warmed up and pumped up!! good quick fast run !!

a nice celebratory run too bc y'all i got the temp job i wanted !!!!! feeling grateful and happy

im gonna go on a run tomorrow ~ what should i run ?

don't mind me just crying in my bed reading tennyson

pictures will not do justice to how large this pepper is i am intimidated and excited


gosh is it normal to think about your ex every day? tonight's bedtime thoughts r just damn i miss them

yo i finally caved and got tiktok do any of y'all wanna share ones u love for a newbie hehe

found a remote part-time job i'd love yesterday so did the tests for it this morning - pray to the job gods for me y'all

one of the best parts of tea is holding the mug in between my thighs to keep warm haha

the last few days have been really challenging (coincidentally around blue monday haha) so it feels nice to have these nice things to cheer me up a little bit

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