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Five and a half hour orientation over and i am so excited !!!!!!

there are literally some songs/voices i can't listen to bc the singers are so talented that i get a pit in my stomach and fall in love like a highschooler with a crush

happy tuesday y'all โ˜€๏ธ realized we r already 12 days into spooky season and i have not watched a single movie (!!)

if u like the genre, what r your fav horror films and why? i'd love some recs ^-^

PSA i love my best friend she is such a cutie and we have such a fun time together

all year round - blossoming with flowers, bright and heavy with greenery, fiery and magical at autumn, showing amazing shapes and skeletons at winter - i just love them so much !!!

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this photo reminds me a bit of the hanged man tarot hahaha

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i'm eating the most incredible tiramisu rn but it's defo gonna keep me up for hours haha its d r e n c h e d in coffee

talking about my hedgehog (mh) 

i painted them when i was in a really low place earlier this year after a breakup

i began watercolouring / journalling every day to help process how i was feeling and to get through the really tough moments; it helped me move just one day at a time

the hedgehog was painted on day 2 - super early on in what would become a month-long journal that provided a huge amount of comfort and healing - so means a great deal to me

i'm so glad so many others liked them too

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MY LIL HEDGEHOG FRIEND HAS OVER 100 โญ -- that is so sweet and crazy i'm kinda in disbelief

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i baked a quiche yay (food) 

its so nice having this brief period between my master's finishing and my job beginning where i'm less busy so can put more time in for people, able to do more favours/errands or making yummy dinners and things

today's run + new candyman film ๐Ÿฆ‡ 

went on a longer 40m run this morning as i didnt have time to run last week and now i feel v refreshed - listened to the dead meat pod ep on the new candyman (their opinions were satisfyingly v similar to mine re. the film's pacing/certain scenes not as well written as others); still adored the film's cinematography - looking at u opening credits n puppet art - and the amazing body horror ๐Ÿ got me in the mood to watch a scary movie later ๐ŸŽƒ

midnight, lying in bed, so curious about something stupid n insignificant but i'm dying to know whats the 'norm': do y'all brush ur teeth with cold or warm water?

have decided to go dairy-free for a bit again which of course means i've bought an excessive amount of oreos for my cupboard

just won an ebay bid for a aaaaa (ebay bids spook me out so much haha) - thought it'd be fun for when i'm living alone later this year ^-^

any games ppl super recommend? i'd love to know ๐ŸŽฎ

ec (of a very creepy snowman) 

learning vocab for weather and the icon for snow is the most pissed off looking snowman it's acc scaring me haha

mh; heartbreak 

stumbled upon something from the past and that pushed me over the edge, have cried more today about the breakup than i have in a while

heartbreak is undoubtedly its own form of grief, hitting you at unexpected moments tenfold

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