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"Excuse me, I am a time traveler but my machine malfunctioned, so I'm not sure when I am."
"It's 2020."
"Which year of 2020?"
"What do you mean?"
"Ah, so this must be the first year of 2020."
"Oh. Damn."
#MicroFiction #TootFic #SmallStories

mental health/coping mechanism 

I've found something which helps a little with executive dysfunction!

For me the hardest thing is the shift from a "nothing" filler (e.g. social media feed refreshing) to doing something else (drawing, playing an actually-entertaining game). But there's always a moment, when I finish doing something, that I'm actually doing *nothing* instead of just "nothing", and if I can just *catch* that moment I can do something else.

Now the trick is to just do that reliably.

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the important thing about this perspective is that it indicates a really important thing about gender identity, which is that it can have multiple discrete elements at the same time and still be one thing

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68:Hazard:Cold is a short story by @JanelleCShane which does interesting things with the language of the main character, who’s a robot #linguistics

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today, the police ran over a semi-peaceful crowd ( and maced the city council (see below)

mind you these were peaceful.

after this i dont wanna hear any shit from you lib guys gatekeeping how protests work, especially when youre not in it to begin with. no matter if youre peaceful or not, they will harm you and possibly kill you. this is not the fucking time for that shit.

no justice, no peace. fucking remember that until its etched into your brain

It's no masterpiece (what ever is?), but it takes a clearly-rushed JRPG riddled with plot holes and poorly-thought-out systems, where nearly all the NPCS are total nonentities, and turns it into something with a story and people you can care about, all while staying close enough to the original to not need to actually *cut* anything.

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I really have no idea how to properly express how I feel about this game. The game itself is not great. In fact, it's quite bad. But the idea at the root of it, that the world will end, you have to write a new world to replace it (magic book), your changes show up in the game... that's excellent, and then this LP is something else entirely. It's like fanfic, but even more closely tied to the original in some ways, weaving new narrative and plot point between existing screenshots and dialogue.

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Not re: current events, maybe you'll find it cheering.

Avalon Code. DS game, interesting idea, poor execution. There's a really good LP of it over at , though – very interesting bit of writing, like fanfic but not. He takes the game and supplements with his own writing to make it make more sense, and put some personality in the characters.

And then? He reviews the game, in the form of an ~800 word *Cat in the Hat* parody. It's a good one, too!

Have had an unusual frequency of flying dreams lately. General sensation is more like gliding plus magic wind? Like unzipping a jacket into a headwind, but with more up. Not the usual way flying dreams go for me, which is more like run, jump, and don't come down.

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I don't understand me sometimes. Dishes need to be done (necessary but nonurgent)? Working on them before I can finish thinking about it. Draw something (fun)? Do some coding (interesting)? Apply to jobs (necessary, arguably at least comparable urgency to dishes)? push it off or just don't think about it for days.
keeping a to-do list mostly just makes me feel bad about seeing the list-of-things-I-didn't-do.

family, religion, isolation 

everything I can think of on it makes it worse. family would probably be fine-with-it-but-clueless, re: trans, at a guess. previous years with them i'm increasingly frustrated at their lack-of-reverence for the ritual of the thing, reading the words but cracking jokes between them. so it's not like i would have enjoyed the seder if i had participated. any way I could distract or cheer is ruined by being something-i'm-doing-when-i-should-be-at-the-seder.

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family, religion, isolation 

last night had a family phonecall in lieu of seder. unexpectedly stressed by deadnaming when i haven't decided on a new name yet. tonight, seder over zoom, other side of the family. couldn't take the deadnaming again, didn't have nerve to come out. skipped.

now feeling stressed because I'm not doing a seder, and it's because I decided not to and not because I couldn't. even knowing that joining in would have been as stressful even without the name thing.

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no classes are scheduled between the hours of 3 and 6 am

this is loudly touted by all promotional materials

there are, in fact, classes scheduled in those hours

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> Volunteerism is a uniquely American tradition. No other society relies so heavily on the voluntary donation of time and talent by its citizens to maintain its network of community services and institutions.

as though that's a _good_ thing. i mean, guess it's a good thing for all those other societies.

Well. I've finished Act 5 Act 1. I continue to have difficulty keeping track of who's who among the trolls.


Split a chicken with a housemate – he got the meat, I got skin and bones and giblets.

Made stock, schmaltz, and gribenes. Overall decision: Stock is probably worthwhile. Schmaltz and gribenes... not so much. I got about a tablespoon of schmaltz, and neither he nor I eat chicken enough to even bother saving skin and fat in the freezer to do a bigger batch.

Maybe I could have gotten a bit more fat off the chicken before I passed him the meat? Probably not very much.

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