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mental health/coping mechanism 

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the important thing about this perspective is that it indicates a really important thing about gender identity, which is that it can have multiple discrete elements at the same time and still be one thing

@setup how is it any less functional than default? looks like just a skin to me, should work just as well as any other.

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@revk Dunno about either, really. Doesn't seem dead but I don't know if it's grown either.

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68:Hazard:Cold is a short story by @JanelleCShane which does interesting things with the language of the main character, who’s a robot t.co/lhhI19hUXz #linguistics

@impiaaa Maybe it runs in Proton? Most things I've tried do.

@vyr I knew an Ariadne in elementary school, so maybe I'm biased, but I don't think it's hard to spell or pronounce?

re: twitter feature 

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Let's talk about electromagnetic interference and trunked radio systems, often used by police, fire, and EMS. Unfortunately, some of these systems have critical flaws.

No particular reason to be talking about this now, of course, but I'm bored.

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today, the police ran over a semi-peaceful crowd (facebook.com/juliacaldwell1/po) and maced the city council (see below)

mind you these were peaceful.

after this i dont wanna hear any shit from you lib guys gatekeeping how protests work, especially when youre not in it to begin with. no matter if youre peaceful or not, they will harm you and possibly kill you. this is not the fucking time for that shit.

no justice, no peace. fucking remember that until its etched into your brain

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leftism on mastodon is fucking pathetic. all talk, with the substance of air in a box. If you’ve got time and energy to whine about how people aren’t hiding their words about racism, consider instead:

going out and protesting yourself if you can

donating if you can

shutting the fuck up and providing visibility for others if the above two options are unavailable to you

be an ally today! It’s free.99!

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there are a lot of relatively well-meaning white people on this website that should probably just shut the fuck up right now. Please realize that I’m saying it nicely this time, I’m not sure how much longer that’ll last

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I’m not saying that caring more about CWing racism than the racism itself carries the same energy as caring more about a building getting looted, I’m just saying that caring more about CWing racism than the racism itself carries the same energy as caring more about a building getting looted

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