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@Corina Though also I've never lived anywhere particularly big, one room in a 3-4 bedroom apartment, and rely a lot on e.g. left-behind dishes from the prior resident and/or roommates rather than bringing my own from one home to the next. So that changes the situation.


@Corina I reduced a lot of that issue by using stackable single-drawer boxes as storage furniture – no need to transfer things between shelves and boxes when moving, just tape them all shut and pack them in the truck, and put the stack wherever in the house makes sense after moving in. Doesn't really help now, but maybe for a future move.

@Paradox @Rasp Periodic backup to a dormant but onsite drive (e.g. a USB backup drive that's updated with a fresh snapshot daily) handles A, especially if it also keeps historical versions. Anything offsite handles both A and B.

@Paradox @Rasp The problems are that A: Software problems causing corrupted data to be written over clean older versions will do so on all disks with no chance for recovery, and B: many sources of physical damage (house fire, falling object, large spill, burglar) will break all the drives at once.

It's security against drives failing due to natural wear, and nothing else. And if two drives are of similar age, odds are good that one fails soon after the other.

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wonder if we've been describing the fediverse poorly this whole time

like, we personally usually lead with "it's like Twitter except"

maybe we should be leading "it's like old web forums and BBSes except"

like, those web forums were often run by somebody-or-other for their own community on their own expense with variously outdated software and community cultures that ranged from healthy to very not - and those cultures tended to stay healthy with good moderation and not without

- Packbat 🎒 💭

@Aldersprig Probably either Kael's Tower or Portal Closed or the mall. Not sure which.

@natecull @anahata@tech.lgbt @loke There's also game engines – but yeah, the things that tend to be built-in there are usually more niche. Though, honestly, take Godot, strip out the physics engine, that gives you a pretty good cross-platform core for GUI stuff that compiles to Windows, Linux, and OSX. Might be worth a look.

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Do you have a few dozen gigabytes of free diskspace and a machine that can seed it via #bittorrent?

You can help save an unbelievable trough of scientific knowledge from disappearing behind the elites' paywalls!



Spread the word and seed till you bleed – for the betterment of humanity!

@ifixcoinops Huh. That's unexpected; I haven't tried learning another keyboard layout, but with game controllers it seems to take a lot more work to build up muscle memory on one than to switch to another layout, even for controllers with fairly significant differences (fight sticks, the Wii, etc). When it's basically the same physical shape but just different conventions for e.g. which of the four primary face buttons is yes/no/jump/etc, that takes barely any time.

@ijyx For me what does it best is telling someone (e.g. a friend) that I'm already doing it. The telling is *conversation* not *action* so it comes easier (provided you have someone you could reasonably talk about what you're currently doing with), and then that pushes it over the line into "don't make a liar of yourself".

@ifixcoinops I'm not sure you learning Dvorak quickly is a matter of Dvorak being easier to learn than Qwerty, so much as it being easier to adapt existing touch-typing skill to a new layout. At least, that seems to be true for a lot of other things – musical instruments are the big one I've heard it for. Have there been studies? The only ones I've heard of are about retraining having already known Qwerty, and even those show mixed results.

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Say you're throwing a party, and it's a good one. When it's time for someone to leave, do you say "Cheers for stopping by, it's been really fun!" or do you say "No, please don't go, I'll pull out the futon, we have to keep this going..."

You do the first one because you're not a BLOODY CRAZY PERSON. Or a website.

Let people leave your website!

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Another thing about community management, which came up in this very thread: I really wanna re-emphasize the whole "Let people delete their past selves" thing.

Everyone, without exception, says stupid things online. Everyone, with very few exceptions, reflects on the stupid things they said once upon a time, and cringes. The only people who don't are people who don't grow, change, and learn.

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it is that some of the orcs realize that, since they are a bunch of mushrooms, gender is meaningless to them and there's no reason to be masculine. especially not when in their research they have heard about these ancient warriors of the humans who smeared red paint on their faces and lips, definitely to go faster the orcs can only assume. after all, they had an entire race named after them! the drag race!


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re: federation opinions 



I get the issue with instance blocking means users being quietly cut off from relationships they value. this is bad and shouldn't happen.

but this isn’t really about the blocking, it’s about the quietness and the data loss. instance blocks should be broadcasted on the announcements feature automatically, and additionally users should get notifications like, "bob @ example.com whom you followed has been disconnected because the moderators have blocked example.com" "claire @ example.com who followed you has been blocked along with example.com" etc.

and their entries in the user's list of follows (as accessible via CSV export) shouldn't be deleted, but just marked with an instance-blocked flag.

this way users never lose their data no matter what moderators decide, and an user who disagrees with the decision can move their account to another instance, export/import/browse the csv and preserve their contacts.

#fediBlock #mastoDev #mastodon

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