Fruit identification help request:

The pictured tree is growing in Massachusetts, USA. Fruits are about the size of cherries, with the ripest being a dark pink. Some that have fallen off and stepped on seem slightly darker. Picture taken last week. I don't think I've ever seen their like, and don't know whether they're safe to eat (or anything else about them).

When the nice pants say don't tumbledry and you don't have a clothesline.

(Image description: Pants hanging in front of a window, from a block-and-tackle made from a clothes-hanger, the rod and pull of the blinds, and a curtain rod)

I'm in a – doing art, not dev, which I'd never have expected! Never done an animation before.

I've just finished patching two pairs of jeans that I'd had off to the side for a while. Not sure whether it was a good idea to trim the fraying on the one.

Still not really sure what I'm doing re: sewing (and willing to take any advice I can get), but it's better than wasting the pants even if I'm not about to pretend it's particularly well-done.

And it's nice to cross it off the list, regardless.

im onna boat!


(also took a selfie but eeeeeh stubble dysphoria)

If fish count for then I guess this is that. If not then I guess it isn't.

(Kine the sunfish, from , digital in )

Made a 3D model for practice and reference (for a planned later drawing). Might have got a little carried away on fine-tuning the color/reflectivity.

Another digital /#painting. I like this one better than the last, I think. Still shakier than I'd like but it works a bit better?

( )

From .

did at least do a digital . I should probably take some kind of art class; I at least know the basics for sketching but I haven't got a clue for paint.

I've been every day for a month and a half, but this is possibly the first one (or one of few, anyway) that I actually like.

Eh. Maybe I'll put up a few more later.

first time trying to dress femme 

Got both skirts earlier this week, but for top it's preexisting only; this was the best I could come up with. Leggings are technically long johns. Not really sure what I'm doing. Certainly not comfortable going outside like this yet.

Just finished Frankenstein.

I'm not sure how this was ever horror. Then again, I feel the same way about Lovecraft. Mostly, it's people being unreasonable, and the Monster overreacting.

Also, the book has exactly three footnotes. Two are citations of quoted poetry. I'm still giggling about the third.

"Soon a gentle light stole over the heavens, and gave me a sensation of pleasure. I started up, and beheld a radiant form rise from among the trees (1)"

"(1) The moon."

food, physical dexterity 

successfully flipped One (1) Large Pancake!

Flipped! With the pan, not a spatula!

Birdsite, linguistics/Greek 

Julius Caesar's original "kai su, teknon", though literally translated as "you too, child", might carry a tone more akin to "you'll be next, punk".

RT 🐦

Caesar’s last word’s were (in Greek and) ‘Screw you, kid.’

Found an old CD-ROM when I was home for the holiday-break. Ah, nostalgia. (also, wow, pretty sure this used to be fullscreen)

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