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@AesAthena @katwylder No need to DM; it's on-topic.

100% flour, 70-75% water. 1/4 tsp dry yeast and 1 tsp salt per 10 oz flour.
Mix dry, add water. Mix just until it comes together as one messy lump, cover and let rise for 12-18 hours. Bake as you like; it works for a loaf or a boule. I recommend baking in a Dutch oven; it helps the crust.

Water, yeast, and salt amounts are all flexible.

See ,

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introducing: me 

Act 2 seems a lot longer than Act 1? Act 1 only took a few hours to read through.

this weekend I intend to figure out what subset of my old socks can be darned and what additional stuff I need for that.

um. I guess?

trying to follow along with @DialMforMara 's . I tried reading it twice while it was still in progress. Can't remember how far I got the first time. Second time, I remember that there was a page with a large green circle (a sun? but that might be mixing it up with something else) on it near where I stopped, but I'd lost track of the plot long before then.


internal ethics conflict, asking advice 

I'm intermittently getting follows from a particular other instance ( from users with no toots. Not sure what to think. Is that a network-abuse-bot thing? I've been blocking out of paranoia.

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the 588th Night Witches were a squad of russian bomber women who earned their name Nachthexen from the nazis because they would fly by night, turn off their goddamn engines to swoop in their outdated planes (often crop-dusters), whoosh over the target making this amazing sudden "witch's broom" RRSSSSH sound and manually eject bombs on german targets. they sometimes used their chart pencils as eyeliner and did not use radios and minimal metal so they couldn't be detected. No parachutes, no nothin. fuckin' ride or die. Marina Raskova assembled and trained this all-female team of fighters, many of whom were rewarded prestigious medals and in total over thirty thousand missions were completed. Thirty pilots were lost. They were hated and feared by the nazis who would receive high honors if they could actually take down one of the Night Witches and also assumed they had been experimented on so they could see in the dark. uh sorry, douchebags. but the witches are just better than you.

i've just added a dialogue-only youtube video about a (Ithkuil) to my previously music-only "feel better" playlist.

still giggling

imprecise simple bread recipe 

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I'm gonna teach today in my ear-hoodie and tail, and deny all questions about it with some light mystical lying, because no one in my algebra class seems to have picked up on the fact that I'm a fox.

"Hm? Oh, no, I always look like this. It's just that you can *see* it today."

I have finally had a halloween costume idea (finally, bit late) and it's the main character of Gris.

just need to. um. learn to sew something more complicated than a knee patch.

Making challah before a trip to my uncle for Yom Kippur.

I have never before been so simultaneously panicked (will it be done in time? Will I miss the train?) and bored (it's rising, I'm already basically packed, not enough wait time to run an errand)

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Happy New Year to all of those for whom that's a thing tonight!

feeling confused re religion 

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PSA: Nintendo DS game carts are (I heard) supposed to last for 10 to 15 years. The first DS was released in 2006. It's probably not a bad idea to start backing up your savegames, and maybe also dumping the entire ROMs.

(Granted, all my carts are still fine. But making a backup just in case probably won't hurt.)

#nintendods #nds

abstract mention of food, question to whoever 

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In Summary:

if you think that what autistic children need most is to be taught how to behave appropriately, you are wrong

what they ACTUALLY need is recognition that two of the fundamental aspects of autism are a reduced ability to self-regulate stress and to communicate

and that any autistic people will need outside accommodation and assistance, AND consciously learned skills to accommodate for both.

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