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Hair is finally long enough to braid!

Not long enough for me to see the result, but still.

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Always a bit nerve-wracking when apt shows a security update for sudo.

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Unemployed, end of week 8, may have to change career path at age 56. Clearance of #chainmail #jewelry continues, got bills to pay. #Necklace, anodized aluminum, byzantine weave, #blue and #green, 18 inch chain with 5 inch by 5 inch web cascade, $55 including USA shipping to or$tarlimanjoppos #mastoart #art #maille Please Boost

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The rich already have Basic Minimum Income: it is called "trust fund stipends."

The rich do not believe they need to earn their wealth. If they did, they would fight to raise inheritance taxes, not lower them.

This isn't new. This is the way money has always worked. The rich are given wealth without effort.

This is so much the case that you can almost say that if you need to expend effort for your money you're upper-middle class at best, and not actually wealthy.

From the first of today's two updates:

“I like him,” Kairos mused. “He’s got that, what do you call it?”

“Cold-blooded ruthlessness,” I said.

“No, that’s not it. Ah, a knife,” the Tyrant of Helike said. “He’s got a knife.”

I've been reading A Practical Guide to Evil lately and I can't think of anything in /ages/ that's had me cackling and clapping this much, practically every update. This is good stuff.

( practicalguidetoevil.wordpress )

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Gaysper and Milkshake Duck are opposites that my brain is having trouble reconciling.

They both involve facists making pretty things. In one, you have to stop loving it because of who the creator is; in the other, you have to start loving it to spite the creator.

How do you tell the difference?

(Gaysper, for reference: a Spanish far-right party tried to convince people that gays are scary but the symbol they chose turned out really cute)

Made a 3D model for practice and reference (for a planned later drawing). Might have got a little carried away on fine-tuning the color/reflectivity.

(okay, I guess the Center and Mart themes also have it beat, but still)

that there's one other Pokémon theme that's lasted almost as long as the Hall of Fame theme and the main theme (and with less change than the latter): The "you are using peripheral hardware other than multiplayer" theme.

In Yellow, for the GB Printer:
In HG/SS, for the Pokéwalker:
In Let's Go, for the Pokéball Plus:

Another digital /#painting. I like this one better than the last, I think. Still shakier than I'd like but it works a bit better?

( )

From .

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Michael extracts meter and rhyme from texts like the script to Pokemon Red to find poetry in arbitrary places. Originally meant for limericks which turned out to be really hard but check out these from dril #wordHack

Played two rounds of Thud today. It's been a while; usually hard to find time to play and people with an interest. Lost the first, won the second. Also got my first win as dwarfs!

Just found the Wikipedia page for "apples and oranges":

Other languages have much better idioms, I think.

I guess?

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