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@AesAthena @katwylder No need to DM; it's on-topic.

100% flour, 70-75% water. 1/4 tsp dry yeast and 1 tsp salt per 10 oz flour.
Mix dry, add water. Mix just until it comes together as one messy lump, cover and let rise for 12-18 hours. Bake as you like; it works for a loaf or a boule. I recommend baking in a Dutch oven; it helps the crust.

Water, yeast, and salt amounts are all flexible.

See ,

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introducing: me 

Well, an since they seem to be going around.

I'm Qwerty, and yes there are people who call me that in meatspace. I like to say I collect (creative) hobbies but honestly I haven't been able to stick to one yet for long enough to be competent. I work in software and run on music; I and and read and occasionally fumble in the direction of or , and I drink almost exclusively tea.

, , and tired. One more day.

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@GLaDTheresCake I would have to disagree with you there; I was there in the 90s when the Internet wasn't monopolised, and capitalism-realism was _absolute_. only fringe people even dared think any kind of socialism was possible. history was _over_. the current situation where "capitalism" is the butt of jokes of every other zoomer hashtag was utterly unthinkable.

I would argue it's the other way around – _because_ the system is cracking at the seams to this extent, capitalists have latched onto social media absolutism to try and patch the roles. all that does is to create monsters they themselves can't control (and thus facebook's desperate but futile attempts at banning rightwing conspiracies etc.)

at every point, it only shows how bad facebook, google and friends are at being the mastermind public-hypnotising, election-hijacking villains they want us to believe they are. kinda like the way Putin wanted us to believe he was this scary Romulan warlord with an unstoppable genocidal army, til we found out how they perform when there's, like,' people shooting back.

none of this is new; the aura of dark power that facebook tries so hard to project is a modern version of the 20th-century "at least mussolini made the trains run on time" meme. he didn't; fascists governments were incompetent and bad at everything, and modern capitalists equally so. I worked at Google patching bugs, it's duct tape and empty promises all the way down.

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@elilla I don't think advertisement alone can in that way control thoughts. I think it underestimates how much (most) people (not certain disabled people) ignore ads and don't see them as a thing to follow. But I do think manufacturing consent is a systemic thing that happens based on the information people get presented. I think the real threat places like Facebook and other social media companies pose is the monopoly on what information gets presented to people.

We have seen that even though social media (and the internet as a whole) is arguably (meant to be) more democratic in the way it presents data and news, the systemic capitalist forces have overwhelmed it with their worldview. And they purge it actively of dissent. People have tended even more towards capitalist realism over the last years, even if socialist and anarchist movements have seen somewhat of a resurgence at the same time.

In this way Meta does scare me in how much they want control over all facets of information dissemination to people, the methods now might be wrong, but the end goal is frightening.

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I originally thought that that lib-ass Facebook quasi-documentary melodrama, The Social Dilemma, was just silly, but now I'm starting to think it might have actually done some good.

What the documentary did was to give higher prominence to tech marketing's claim of being able to predict everybody's actions and control their desires—ironically, one of the few things that online advertising is actually able to make people believe (; ; ). But now I think, save for some savvy media ad engineers who are aware of the scam, social media companies believe their own hype as being these evil masterminds (Tadelis: "What Randall is trying to say is that marketeers actually believe that their marketing works, even if it doesn’t. Just like we believe our research is important, even if it isn’t.")

So Facebook really thinks it's able to do mind control, and is now putting a _lot_ of money into a product that's, according it its own ads, dowscaling those Zoom work meetings that everybody hates into 2D surfaces in a boring version of Second Life. They think that's what people _want_. They have claimed, on record!!, that zoomers don't want to do online shopping on menus and search boxes, they want Amazon as a Second Life series of shelves that you have to virtual-walk between. They're looking at the public as workers and consumers, and making a product that sounds cool for _capitalists_, who are salivating at the idea of renting virtual state for the Second Life Amazon 3D shelves.

I'm getting my popcorn ready, this is going to be so much better than Google Wave

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I thought Facebook's Meta thing was obviously something horrid but after looking more closely into what's it like, I take it back. I love Meta now.

It doesn't smell just like vaporwave, it smells like the kind of nothing project that sinks companies. rich people being high on their own hype, completely out of touch with how muc money they're burning. I hope facebook invests heavily on the metaverse, that they keep doubling down every time there's a nonreaction. the more they commit to it the more it will feel good when it fails

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I've spent the past month or so trying to improve the screen-reader accessibility of the travel screens on Improbable Island.

Sighted players see a five-by-five grid of graphics, while VI players get the option to have their surroundings described to them a few different ways.

I'd love to get a new player's perspective on the new system so if you know someone who uses a screen reader daily, I'd appreciate a boost!

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had to explain RSS to two fellow gen z-ers

me: its kind of like subscribing for updates on a website, before "following" was a thing.

them: oh, is that something new?

me: actually closed "following" on walled gardens, like twitter, kind of killed out a lot of RSS for our generation, but there are people who still use it and find it handy

them: wait, so i don't need to make an account?

me: no.

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Before he left, Ryan asked me to write a short zine on Human Scale technology, and what Human Scale Production and Consumption might look like.

I plan to do this, but I hadn't planned to do it today.

It's what I find myself thinking about this morning though, so I'm going to work on an outline.

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wonder if we've been describing the fediverse poorly this whole time

like, we personally usually lead with "it's like Twitter except"

maybe we should be leading "it's like old web forums and BBSes except"

like, those web forums were often run by somebody-or-other for their own community on their own expense with variously outdated software and community cultures that ranged from healthy to very not - and those cultures tended to stay healthy with good moderation and not without

- Packbat 🎒 💭

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Do you have a few dozen gigabytes of free diskspace and a machine that can seed it via #bittorrent?

You can help save an unbelievable trough of scientific knowledge from disappearing behind the elites' paywalls!

Spread the word and seed till you bleed – for the betterment of humanity!

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Say you're throwing a party, and it's a good one. When it's time for someone to leave, do you say "Cheers for stopping by, it's been really fun!" or do you say "No, please don't go, I'll pull out the futon, we have to keep this going..."

You do the first one because you're not a BLOODY CRAZY PERSON. Or a website.

Let people leave your website!

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Another thing about community management, which came up in this very thread: I really wanna re-emphasize the whole "Let people delete their past selves" thing.

Everyone, without exception, says stupid things online. Everyone, with very few exceptions, reflects on the stupid things they said once upon a time, and cringes. The only people who don't are people who don't grow, change, and learn.

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it is that some of the orcs realize that, since they are a bunch of mushrooms, gender is meaningless to them and there's no reason to be masculine. especially not when in their research they have heard about these ancient warriors of the humans who smeared red paint on their faces and lips, definitely to go faster the orcs can only assume. after all, they had an entire race named after them! the drag race!


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The unreasonable effectiveness of simple HTML

I've told this story at conferences - but due to the general situation I thought I'd retell it here.

A few years ago I was doing policy research in a housing benefits office in London. They are singularly unlovely places. The walls are brightened up with posters offering helpful services for people fleeing domestic violen

#/etc/ #html5 #web #weeknotes #work

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Trans crowdfund, surgery, sucide risk (not me) 

Less than NZD $4k to go, but not much time left, either.

I got through everything that existed prior to the new year in about six days, and then after the first update of the year, tried to read it again in the subsequent week before the following update. Didn't quite manage it, but still. This thing *grabbed* me.

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Lately I've been reading a web serial called Katalepsis. It is cosmic horror and terror both (but also usually very wholesome), it's transhumanism and dysphoria and an uncertain quantity of varyingly hopeless or hopeful lesbians. Self-aware in that perfect way where the characters have read books, but without fourth-wall-breaking. Clear character voices and properly messy action scenes and evocative descriptions without resorting to un-adjectives like "eldritch".

Got a friend and her SO in need of living-space, currently due to be on the streets in February. Two disabled trans folks in Boston. Any leads you've got, really. Please boost.

She streams and has a patreon, if you can contribute, and can be hired for voice-acting and video-editing, if you have need of that.

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