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Out of curiosity I just went and watched the release trailer for Oxenfree (heard of the game originally by other sources).

Even having long since played the game... that was unsettling. When will I learn not to spook myself right before bed?

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@DialMforMara We must dismantle the Turbotax-Industrial Complex.

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When I was younger, I thought the purpose of the IRS was to calculate citizens' taxes for them and then send them either a bill or a refund check.

I'm praying that this will someday be the way the world actually is

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hero: okay we got that sorted out. so, uh, WHO'S WITH ME?!

bob-barker: you have my deal
zookeeper: you have my seal
banana: you have my peel
zealot: you have my zeal
fishing rod: you have my reel

hero: WE JUST GOT DONE TRYING TO -- oh goddamnit come on

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hero: SO WHO'S WITH ME?!

blacksmith: you have my steel!
colors: you have my teal!
thieves: you have my steal!
fairgrounds: you have my wheel!
ships: you have my keel!

hero: what the fuck is happening

I've been every day for a month and a half, but this is possibly the first one (or one of few, anyway) that I actually like.

Eh. Maybe I'll put up a few more later.

Played some Baba Is You today. Very cute, also fun. Almost linguistics? Not really.

She's supportive, which is nice, but oblivious, and if there's anything I'm nonverbal with it's this - can anyone recommend some good edu. readings, comics, infographics, etc to point her at?

Still, for a first out this isn't bad.


Came out as by way of getting dressed in a skirt this morning and eventually getting seen by Mum this evening. Her first question after our mutually stumbling to "I'm trans" was that she thought I said I was asexual last she heard. Followed by eventual asking-to-confirm "so you feel female?" and possible confusion with crossdressing.


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Spent a couple of hours yesterday listening to Schala's Theme and trying to transcribe it to MIDI for eventual remixing. It was really hard to make out the percussion (the only bit for which I didn't have an existing engraving to read).
( _ _ ' -- r -- * ), more or less, but every four bars the thing at the end is different.

(I don't know any standard way of transcribing what seems to be a mix of bongos and tambourine)

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Sometimes, I ruminate on an interaction I had where I was attempting to explain my deconstructed understanding of disability and ableism, and someone repeated back to me the thing I was saying, but as if it was a refutation to what I was saying.

I still don't understand what happened. It feels like maybe a moment of allistic tomfoolery?

I hope allistics understand that this weirdness sticks with us and confuses us long after you write us off.

Please, uh, be explicit and specific with people

I do not think I will ever stop being amazed at just how much red there is in even a rather small beetroot.

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*climbs up the side of your home timeline*
*sits on the top* =^..^=

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no matter how smol and unimportant you feel, you are important

i am just kitten but i am important

Accidentally lit my sweater sleeve on fire making dinner. Burnt cotton (or possibly black dye?) apparently smells of toasted marshmellows.

First time accidentally igniting!

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there aren't enough posts like this so...


boost if you just enby

Played a bit of 2015 wordplay text-adventure Counterfeit Monkey last night with a friend. It's good! Loving the puzzles, took a bit to get in the rhythm of it but then there's those moments where you just get it.

So far we've got the single-letter remover, the was-this-changed monocle, and the "restoration gel" (undo a change).

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