4:00 AM. A snow removal service has been working on the parking lot next door for half an hour. (Yes, that’s why I’m awake.) It sounds like they’re breaking up icebergs, and the implications for the trip to work are unpleasant.

‪Reading a really good book is joy. Reading a really good book after you have just read three meh books in a row is almost too much to bear.‬

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Every state should run their elections the way #Minnesota does:
✅ Same-day voter registration
✅ Paper ballots, scanned optically
✅ Adequate polling locations everywhere = short lines
✅ Employers must pay for workers' time off to vote if it falls within their scheduled work time — as much as necessary, no limit!
✅ Vote early by mail or in person for any reason starting 46 days before the election

As you’re picking out your clothes for today, remember to choose an outfit that will set off your “I Voted” sticker to its best advantage.

Yawning my head off, and...oh yeah, my body thinks it's an hour later than what the clock says. Aargh.

‪Preparing to plow through the increasingly grim ending to the book I’m reading, because it’s good enough that I want to find out what happens, but I’m really not in a good place for “grim.”‬

‪Proving once again that if I didn’t have stuff to procrastinate on, my home would soon be unfit for human habitation.‬

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ok i was just reading some medieval demography and realized that the structure of our current american government actually has fewer people making decisions for more people than medieval monarchy

senate representation in california: 1 per 15 million
kings per people in 14th century england: 1 per ~6 million

‪It is a wee bit difficult to dress appropriately for a day that’s going to go from 30° to 65°F (-1° to 18°C).‬

I read this book ten years ago, and was underwhelmed. This time around, it was much more interesting. Because obviously the book changed, no me! goodreads.com/review/show/8649

‪The warm glow of triumph when you use super glue without adhering yourself to your project.‬

‪Apparently I let this sweater become a UFO because I didn’t want to deal with 20 rows of seed stitch. Five years later, that still seems like a perfectly reasonable decision.

‪Fall: when the grapes aspire to be mistaken for kiwi fruits.‬

‪In a personal historic first, I have come home from the Mall of America with more money and less stuff than when I arrived. 😊 ‬

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