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Days 7 and 8 from the AHAH Texas Rebuild: Mostly food shots from Christmas and HOMEMADE TAMALES, but at least one of me doing some drywall sanding.

Amongst other more traditionally Christmasy things, today I actually literally walked across the railroad tracks to a gas station where I bought a cheap beer and drank it with friends I just met a few days ago behind the dumpster in the back while we talked about the world. I feel like for a couple hours today I stepped into a 90's high school flick. It was very surreal.

Happy summer solstice to those celebrating it! And a happy winter solstice to friends in the northern hemisphere.

Days 2 and 3 of my two-week stint with All Hands and Hearts Texas Recovery in Houston: In which more floor tile is laid, much base camp is cleaned, and I cook for forty humans:

I've arrived at Rhoades Base outside Houston, TX for my second deployment with All Hands and Hearts:

I didn’t expect to have to move now. But despite the relatively short notice, proximity to the holidays, and the fact that it was a cold wet December morning, 9 people showed up in the rain to help me move, and then most even stuck around after to help me unpack. So to have such a dedicated and generous community of friends.

Sleeping in my new place for the first time! Just established a beachhead with an air matress, internet things, bathroom things, and coffee things for now. Reinforcements will arrive tomorrow and Friday evening (old place is on the way here from work), and the big move with a truck for the furniture etc will be Saturday. Feels like the beginning of a fresh start.

Just watched the highlights v Napoli... it probably goes without saying that Mohamed Salah and Alisson Becker are probably the greatest unequivocally rock solid investments the club has made in recent times.

The hardness of a diamond is part of its usefulness, but its true value is in the light that shines through it. (B.K.S. Iyengar) with Timeless | Meditation 

3/5 stars for Mohsin Hamid's EXIT WEST. My review: TLDR: Provides a unique perspective through interesting characters and setting, but the style and tone really turn me off.

Fruit smoothies with a shot of vodka seems like a pretty legit way to get the required daily servings of fruit into my diet. This approach probably will not pass rigorous scrutiny on a heath basis, but hey, here I am.

when I first ran D&D, my grandmother, who had bought fully into the IT'S SATANISM hype, insisted on sitting and watching the first session

about an hour in, she threw her hands up and yelled 'THIS IS JUST MATH' and stormed off

@senatormeow what fundamentalists expect D&D to be like: the evil "dungeon master" must force the players to commit horrific acts in submission to his satanic will

What D&D is actually like:

DM: You can't... you can't fucking cross the river by seducing it. You just can't. I'm begging you not to do this.
Player: *rolls a nat 20* I SUCCESSFULLY SEDUCE THE RIVER

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