So, fellow and nerds… interesting situation came up in a session. A human party member takes damage from a poisoned weapon, and is therefore normally poisoned. However, another party member, who is dwarven and therefore immune to poison, declares that she would like to use her turn to suck the poison out of the wound, since she is immune and it wouldn’t affect her. Thoughts?

A Flow Solver NaN Special Operations Unit is currently responding to a boundary condition kerfuffle at the upstream farfield boundary. Further information remains undefined at this time, but we advise that you relax by 0.9.

Article I, Paragraph 1: "The official name of the club shall be Ye Honorable Guild of Tabletop Roleplaying Gamers of NASA Langley Research Center in Solidarity Freely Assembled, hereinafter referred to in short as the Tabletop RPG Club, or simply the club."

We're off to a good start here.

Ahhhhhh I committed to a half marathon what have I done.

You know it’s a great :dnd: moment...

When the DM says to player: “You want to... wait, what??”

When a player says to the DM: “You know you’re a real sonovabitch?”

So, The Highlander is not at all what I thought it was.

Wow I’ve never been in a western hotel that has lost power before.

Is anyone else having security certificate issues on mondiaspora? Seems odd that such a large instance would let their certificate lapse for so long... it's been a couple weeks I feel.

Unexpetedly long quest for passport photos. Costco apparently doesn't do them anymore in person (though you can submit a photo online and have it printed). The CVS in the Target across the street from the Costco is not a "real CVS" and doesn't have a photo booth. Drove to Walgeens, whose kiosks are down. Then to a real CVS farther down which finally got them done after I waited 20 min for a photo tech. I mean, maybe the real question is, why can't we submit passport photos digitally now?

So if I’m running a Ghosts of Saltmarsh DnD campaign with lots of ships and pirates, am I allowed to classify playing Assassins Creed IV: Black Flag as research?

On account of epic birthday shenanigans in Boston last weekend, I am now attempting to plan everything for tomorrow's session tonight.

HOLY SHIT YALL ALL THIS TIME I SO SALSA IS NOT A THREE COUNT DANCE IT IS A FOUR COUNT DANCE IN WHICH YOU REST ON THE FOURTH COUNT. Seriously I’ve gotten into so much argument and confusion with dance instructors, because I’m trying to force 4/4 music I hear to a 3/4 or 3/8 count meter because they insist that the 4 doesn’t exist, but I’ve JUST REALIZED TODAY that what they MEAN is no dance step happens on the 4th beat. I really wish someone would have explained it this way before.

Seeking advice! The mint I planted about a week ago is not looking so healthy. Too much or too little water? Or not enough sun??

Posted a few pics of my new balcony herb garden to diaspora: tips welcome, I'm new to this!

Slept in and made myself a nice breakfast, which I am now sitting on the balcony enjoying with a cup of fresh brewed coffee. It’s going to be a great weekend folks.

Wow, two weekends in a row at home without work travel. Luxurious. Catching up on SO MANY THINGS around the house.

I think so far the worst part of DM'ing is that I can't share all my brilliant planning with anyone! I can't even post about it online in case the party sees it! Argh!

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