I became a Friend of the Muse Writing Center nearby! And have signed up for a couple short workshops just to get back into the swing of things... most weekday mornings now before work are dedicated to writing. We'll see where this goes. I've been meaning to try my hand at "hard fantasy"...

Well, it's been a long time, but I think I'm ready to reenter the world of writing. The hiatus has had many roots... personal events leading to not being in the right headspace, not making consistent (or any) time for writing, and when I do sit down, often not allowing myself to write what I feel like writing (vs what I feel I *ought* to be writing). Trying to put that behind me and return to .

I haven't seen a lot of westerns, but I feel like _The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly_ might better be titled _The Neutral Evil, the Lawful Evil, and the Chaotic Evil_.

I've decided I need something besides running and Outlook to help differentiate the days from each other. New schedule to give each day 1 thing I will do/study for at least an hour to make it stand out:

Monday - Philosophy
Tuesday - Workout + Yoga
Wednesday - Spanish
Thursday - Seminar
Friday - Reading

Let's try this out... well, today (Monday) I watched Boondocks Saints... I guess that close enough. Real start tomorrow though.

Does anyone know where to find, like, videos of logic processors in action? Like, not the physical chips, but say an abstract map of the circuits involved, animated so you can follow the path of the computation as it goes through the thing. I know most modern chips are probably way too complicated to fit a whole map on screen at one time, but surely there's a chip small enough to map this way that could still be interesting? I tried searching, but couldn't find anything. :/

“Does this white bean dip have enough olive oil”

“Is it glistening?”


“Does it glisten with the sparkle of delightful lipids?”

“Uh... no.”

“Then keep pouring girl.”

Okay, had a strong start to and then fell off the wagon for days 2 and 3... a full Saturday before me, let's get these makeup words!

Starting Camp Nanowrimo today! Something to do now that everything is coronacancelled, and a chance to get back into my writing after a long hiatus.

Quite sad that 15 has had to be , but I definitely support the programming staff in this hard decision, and do believe it's the best option given current circumstances. I was honored to have put together this year's Science Track and was excited to share it with our guests and patrons, but it will have to wait until next year. Looking forward to Richmond in 2020!

The traditional apocalyptic image of deserted malls apparently needed a crucial update for the modern world... dozens of doordash workers buzzing around the major chains like bees to a hive.

My has been dormant for quite some time... now that the transient to the new position at work is leveling out and the rigorous training schedule I was keeping for the One City Half Marathon is over.... I'm eyeing starting up the ol' fiction production again. Maybe will aim for this April.

Just put down my first batch of homemade in a long time. If all goes well, hope to have 3-5 bottles of spiced apple honey wine to share with friends this winter.

Veggie burgers with smoked gouda, tomato, and avocado. Side of pinto beans with diced hatch green chiles and onions.

Cloudcroft Brewing, Somewhere on a Dark and Lonely Desert Mountain Road, NM.

These be the chiles rellenos at Casa de Sueño, Tularosa, NM. I absolutely love small western town Mexican food.

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