For some reason found myself singing 90’s Disney in the car on the way back from Norfolk this morning. Not sure what prompted that but it was actually kinda fun.

"I think my programming is faulty," the robot said. "Can you fix it?"
"Sorry, buddy," the tech said. "I can't fix sentients' programming."
The robot turned to leave.
"But I can show some workarounds, and teach you to change your own programming. Will that do?"
"That will do."
#MicroFiction #TootFic #SmallStories

The coffee shop on the way to work has added donuts. This might be a problem.

complete! Eight first-time Ragnarians together ran 131.2 miles with 16304 feet of cumulative elevation gain in just under 25 hours, placing 33 of 92 in the mixed gender category.

Stats from my legs as Runner 5 attached... Decently pleased with an overall 10:42 pace considering the circumstances (night run in the rain, trail terrain, IT band trouble early on the red loop, total of 2 hours of pseudo-sleep etc), but was short of my target of 10:30.

Loved the experience!

So I've lived in this apartment for 9 months now. Finally put decor up on the walls. Once all the furniture was set up, I had just piled the art and photos in a closet for "later". It didn't look bad without them (and I had plenty of tabletop/shelf decor) but it's surprising how much homier it feels with the art up.

Two days until I run the Ragnar Trail Carolinas, and I'm reflecting how much this event has already done for me. In Jan, I was not a runner, and never intended to be one. I was at one of the lowest points of my life. Some friends gave me this as a goal to work towards and to feel confidence & belonging again. It's worked! I now have a whole posse of friends, ran my 1st half marathon (signed up for 2 more!), transformed my diet, drink way less, & in the best shape of my life. !

Lemon and garlic salmon with a sprinkle of smoked paprika, kale with shiitake mushrooms, and elbow pasta with fresh rosemary and a dash of white truffle oil.

You know this running habit is really getting in the way of my drinking life.

“Introduction to time series and data wrangling with pandas” just sounds like the best seminar ever.

Grateful! For people who've helped me learn to be compassionate with myself. For people who let me handle mourning in my own way, in my own time.

at Newport News Park this morning with a few of the Ragnar peeps. Really enjoyed the woods and running near the water!

the El Dorado Trail from Diamond Springs to Placerville, California. Beautiful trail through the Sierra Nevada foothills!

A friend pointed out, and I am forced to agree, that I’m basically a Labrador retriever.

Her impression of me: “People! Hi people! Maybe we can all be friends. Okay running around running around... The great outdoors! Wow! And it’s just as majestic as the last time I smelled it! Food? Who’s down for food right now? Okay time for a nap. More people! Hi new people! Are we friends? Have you been to the great outdoors? ...” (The cycle repeats.)

My life makes so much more sense now.

So, fellow and nerds… interesting situation came up in a session. A human party member takes damage from a poisoned weapon, and is therefore normally poisoned. However, another party member, who is dwarven and therefore immune to poison, declares that she would like to use her turn to suck the poison out of the wound, since she is immune and it wouldn’t affect her. Thoughts?

A Flow Solver NaN Special Operations Unit is currently responding to a boundary condition kerfuffle at the upstream farfield boundary. Further information remains undefined at this time, but we advise that you relax by 0.9.

Article I, Paragraph 1: "The official name of the club shall be Ye Honorable Guild of Tabletop Roleplaying Gamers of NASA Langley Research Center in Solidarity Freely Assembled, hereinafter referred to in short as the Tabletop RPG Club, or simply the club."

We're off to a good start here.

Ahhhhhh I committed to a half marathon what have I done.

You know it’s a great :dnd: moment...

When the DM says to player: “You want to... wait, what??”

When a player says to the DM: “You know you’re a real sonovabitch?”

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