Quite sad that 15 has had to be , but I definitely support the programming staff in this hard decision, and do believe it's the best option given current circumstances. I was honored to have put together this year's Science Track and was excited to share it with our guests and patrons, but it will have to wait until next year. Looking forward to Richmond in 2020!

The traditional apocalyptic image of deserted malls apparently needed a crucial update for the modern world... dozens of doordash workers buzzing around the major chains like bees to a hive.

My has been dormant for quite some time... now that the transient to the new position at work is leveling out and the rigorous training schedule I was keeping for the One City Half Marathon is over.... I'm eyeing starting up the ol' fiction production again. Maybe will aim for this April.

Just put down my first batch of homemade in a long time. If all goes well, hope to have 3-5 bottles of spiced apple honey wine to share with friends this winter.

Cloudcroft Brewing, Somewhere on a Dark and Lonely Desert Mountain Road, NM.

These be the chiles rellenos at Casa de Sueño, Tularosa, NM. I absolutely love small western town Mexican food.

I decided that my new reading habit recovery project deserved a new eReader. Super excited about my new Kobo Clara HD!

First up: Patrick Rothfuss’s THE NAME OF THE WIND. From the local library of course.

Caught up with an old friend after a long while. He said "Yeah well, I have a 3 year old, an 8 month old, and a dog. So, most of my life revolves around poop right now. How have you been?"

Gotta appreciate great instructors. Dude managed to make a week-long course called "Scheduling and Cost Control" actually really interesting and entertaining. Promote that man.

Dear drivers who clearly have the right of way but are yielding anyway: You’re not being polite, you’re confusing the hell out of everyone and increasing the chances of an accident via misunderstanding intent. Just go.

ST S1E1 thoughts: Well, the fine tradition of Sir Patrick Stewart delivering an unbelievably better performance than the script ever could deserve continues. But I like the premise and I like seeing the old man back in action. I mean, someone’s gotta lay down the Lawful Good in a corrupt universe full of selfish incompetence. My favorite space paladin rides again!

Just found out that NNPL has an online form you can submit telling them what you like, and they will have a librarian personally look over it and send you book or film recommendations: library.nnva.gov/226/What-to-R. How cool is that? It's like having a one-on-one book nerd consultant for free.

Can anyone recommend a book recommendation app/service/system/method that is not GoodReads or Amazon?

"You're like a bluntly rational and shockingly pleasant hippie." -- A friend (admittedly three beers in) attempting to describe me.

Never heard that before, but I'll take it.

Took the afternoon off with a book from the local library and an oatmeal stout from the local brewery. 70deg in January is not a thing to waste!

Also, my first Haruki Murakami book, on a recommendation from a friend. Will report.

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