@irina That is really cool! Experimented with random names for awhile there. Adding it to my list of quirky black holes on the internet...

Wasn't sure what to do with my old desktop tower, until I converted it to Ubuntu Studio. It's now a nice writing, music, and photography machine in the den next to the bookshelves.

Happy Day everyone. I had never read the entirety of this speech before, but now it seems very apropos:

"And so there has been progress. But we must not allow this progress to cause us to engage in a superficial, dangerous optimism. The plant of freedom has grown only a bud and not yet a flower. And there is no area of our country that can boast of clean hands in the area of brotherhood."

Here's how it is. I'm getting back on this writing train see? And you, "I've got better things to do" Brain, you're not gonna stop me. Because if I don't have a complete and coherent (but not necessarily good) first draft of this novel by the end of April 2019, I'm donating $100 to the Republican Party of Virginia. That's right. I see the look of horror on your... cortex. Now, butt in chair. Howdaya like them apples, Brain?

@kenners Hmmm I haven’t checked that out yet. I may. My enthusiasm for dating again has waxed and waned markedly. I’m probably not really ready, but looking at least helps me remember that other people are out there and life has not ended.

for profile,i in enumerate(Bumble.myMatches):
If (attractiveness >= 6) and (wants_children == True) and (not Conservative) and ([“God”, “lol”, “just ask!”] not in about_me.getText()) then:

I'm also pleased to have snagged a DnD dice set for a friend who will be starting his very first campaign soon, alongside me in the party. He's playing a tiefling warlock, so... glistening blood-red speckled with matte black seemed appropriate.

I'm at 2019 this weekend in Williamsburg, VA! Not on any panels or programming myself for this one, just attending as a general participant. Recap of the two panels I attended today (Writing Military-Themed Science Fiction, and Moral Conflict in Genre Fiction) right here on the blog: naratnayake.com/2019/01/recap-

Whoooop! Just randomly ran into the instructor for the advanced fiction studio I applied for last week... apparently I’m in! I’ve attended many writing classes and workshops, but this will be my first actual studio. Excited!

Taken earlier this week, meeting some friends who had juts finished a short hop flight from Newport News to Chesterfield County.

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Today is eight years since my grandfather’s death. I remembered him by reading aloud his favorite speeches (that he used to read to me) from his old copy of The Complete Works of Shakespeare, the whole thing annotated in pencil by his hand.

Just started a must for an apricot-apple-clove wine. Will begin primary fermentation tomorrow afternoon.

@BickeringwiththeMuse Thanks! It's been a slow transition away from everything Google, Facebook, Twitter, and Amazon. I've got two cons coming up in the next few months, we'll see how the new biz cards play out.

Grateful! For friends' successes. A couple of my hard-working friends who've poured their all into creative paths are reaping rewards they've wanted a long while, and it's awesome both cos I love them and cos it's encouraging.

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