I have accidentally discovered Bollywood fight music as running playlist. There will be more of this.

@TrailRunner_B It really does make me feel a bit guilty, how much I’ve checked out of politics. But I really do think that concerted action within local spheres of influence is all that remains of meaningful ethical choices.

I can’t even look at the Current Events section at Barnes and Noble anymore without getting annoyed.

Beautiful clouds in the air at sunset, flying from Atlanta to Sacramento.

@dantebrevity haha snacks not pictured! And don’t worry much alcohol was imbibed.

This makes so many RPG experiences make so much more sense: youtube.com/watch?v=LQsJSqn71F | Different Kinds of Players, Running the Game #11

@indie Excellent fodder for sci-fi, and maybe my DnD campaign!

And so somehow I've gone off the precipice and decided to DM my first tabletop campaign. Here we go...

So I thought I'd ride the 3-month free trial of Apple Music and decide whether I wanted to switch over from Spotify Premium then, but it didn't last two weeks. Pro: better integration with iPhone, Siri, and Nike+ Run Club. Con: Everything else. Particularly, hard to follow artists, poor playlist selection on search, and sound often cuts out inexplicably while in the car. From searching, the latter problem is widespread and not addressed.

Victorious at the Elizabeth River Run 10K in Portsmouth this morning! Next up: need to find a good ten-miler around here.

Do any nerds out there know if whether I purchase a physical copy of the 5e Dungeon Master's Guide it comes with access on DnDBeyond? Or are those two completely separate things?

The Bitter Southerner's 2019 Summer Reading Roundup is out, andthere's quite a few that look enticing... though I really need to start reading books at least as fast as I acquire them... bittersoutherner.com/bitter-so

Heard we’ve got a new kilogram now congrats everyone

@pkgonzales7 How did you make a Masto post that long? Is Hubzilla a workaround for the character limit on Mastodon???!

Anyway, great post, and I fully support! Switching off of standard social media was actually a big help by itself I expect. Best wishes on your continuing transition towards a healthier and more sustainable digital life.

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