Taken earlier this week, meeting some friends who had juts finished a short hop flight from Newport News to Chesterfield County.

Today is eight years since my grandfather’s death. I remembered him by reading aloud his favorite speeches (that he used to read to me) from his old copy of The Complete Works of Shakespeare, the whole thing annotated in pencil by his hand.

Just started a must for an apricot-apple-clove wine. Will begin primary fermentation tomorrow afternoon.

It's official. My new author business cards are on order, without a Gmail, Facebook, or Twitter presence. Updated to include only my (non-Google) email address, author blog, and Mastodon handle. (Since it may be confusing to some, I added descriptors for handle and instance.)

Saw the Billy Joe Trio live at Hoss’s last night. Fantastic blues-funk-rock. Mix of rocked up classic blues covers and original material. I’m a new fan! open.spotify.com/artist/5QqjRk

Night out in Phoebus. Hit up Sly Clyde cidery for the first time, really enjoyed their ”Juniper Rising”. Ended up down the street at one of my favorite spots in the whole area, El Diablo Loco for tacos and margs. Wonderful time catching up with friends after the holidays! Also: furlough commiseration.

Happy new year, y’all. Not sure what’s ahead, but this wine is a great start.

Curry leaves and lime always on standby next to the stove in my mom’s kitchen.

Just tried Tres Hermanas in midtown . Great food, but not mind blowing. Service well meaning but a bit slipshod. Excellent decor and atmosphere, pretty good house margarita.

Made it home after a kickass weekend working Hurricane Florence disaster relief in New Bern, NC! First trip of what I’m sure will be many with All Hands and Hearts. Fantastic volunteer experience, I highly recommend volunteering for those physically able, and/or donating for those financially able! Headed to TX next month to help with the ongoing Hurricane Harvey rebuild efforts in disadvantaged parts of Houston.

Mission 3: Gut this house in New Bern of all rotting and moldy floorboards. Learning a lot about how houses are built... and taken apart. Gimme that sawzall.

Mission 1: Get under a house in Vandemere, locate the lowest point in the foot of standing swamp water in the crawl space, install sump pumps, run electrical to power them, and then run the drainage lines out to lower ground. That was nasty. I smell amazing.

I’ve arrived at Camp Vandemere, home base for All Hands and Hearts volunteers doing flood recovery response in New Bern, NC following Hurricane Florence. Ready to get to work this weekend!

“I have found Washington to be a city of southern efficiency and northern charm.” - John F. Kennedy. Perhaps fair in some contexts, but I also found it quite lovely in the fall. First time taking the train up and back as well, will definitely do this again.

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