Let the 2018 small venue live music streak continue. Gina Payne and Step Up Connection live at Avenue Blue, Hampton, VA.

The resolution for more live music this year continues. The Clue (classic rock) live at Hoss’s Deli, Newport News.

Just attended a great talk by the High Performance Computing Initiative here at work. Interesting stats:

92% of scientists use
56% of scientists develop their own research software
68% of scientists say their research would be impossible without software
Scientists typically spend 30% or more of their time developing software

👉🏾 But... 90% of scientists are primarily self-taught, and lack any formal programming training!

(Sources shown in pic.)

The GM has actually 3D printed and hand-painted set pieces for our campaign. Wow. From the amount of time he put into the world building, I knew it was going to be in depth, but this is a new level in my experience.

Some photos from earlier this week, stopping by the Shuttle Atlantis exhibit and nearby garden at ’s Kennedy Space Center. Truly impressive display. Of the four publicly displayed orbiters, this one might be my favorite.

I’m so grateful for who push me to go beyond my previous limits. Yes that’s two runs you see there. Not only was the first run about double what I’ve ever run before in one contiguous segment, but they were like, hey what’s one more mile? Oh yeah, and it was all on trail terrain, never done that before. (I’m going to hurt tomorrow.)

I’m wearing this hoodie on a Sunday morning, and a woman asks me if it’s my church. I said no ma’am, it’s the brewery I regularly attend, similar concept and results you see. She was not amused. I lightly apologized, but the conversation went no further. Ah well.

So my friend has a very long table in a large but cozy room next to a fireplace in his house. Somehow, it has taken us this long to insist that he host a Viking themed party in his Great Hall. Here was my contribution to the “Balla in Valhalla”. Smoked trout, roasted vegetables, and Scandinavian mead!

Taken earlier this week, meeting some friends who had juts finished a short hop flight from Newport News to Chesterfield County.

Today is eight years since my grandfather’s death. I remembered him by reading aloud his favorite speeches (that he used to read to me) from his old copy of The Complete Works of Shakespeare, the whole thing annotated in pencil by his hand.

Just started a must for an apricot-apple-clove wine. Will begin primary fermentation tomorrow afternoon.

It's official. My new author business cards are on order, without a Gmail, Facebook, or Twitter presence. Updated to include only my (non-Google) email address, author blog, and Mastodon handle. (Since it may be confusing to some, I added descriptors for handle and instance.)

Night out in Phoebus. Hit up Sly Clyde cidery for the first time, really enjoyed their ”Juniper Rising”. Ended up down the street at one of my favorite spots in the whole area, El Diablo Loco for tacos and margs. Wonderful time catching up with friends after the holidays! Also: furlough commiseration.

Happy new year, y’all. Not sure what’s ahead, but this wine is a great start.

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