Beautiful clouds in the air at sunset, flying from Atlanta to Sacramento.

Victorious at the Elizabeth River Run 10K in Portsmouth this morning! Next up: need to find a good ten-miler around here.

McCormack’s Whiskey Grill in Richmond... highly recommend. Great whiskey list (as one might expect) and plenty of delicious vegetarian options (which one might not).

War paint on and ready to cheer for Lionsbridge FC at their away game tonight in Durham!

Awesome concert last night! Saw Greta Van Fleet in Raleigh, and made sure to grab the tour shirt from the merch tent. Also that’s what happened to the beer I was holding during a TEN MINUTE FREEWHEELING GUITAR SOLO... it didn’t survive the level of awesome.

Last night’s 10K training run. I’ve got my first official 10K coming up on the 25th at the Elizabeth River Run down in Portsmouth. Current personal best: 9:21/mi. Getting !

Big day for my progress. This evening’s run was a personal best mile and 5K time, and my shoes turned 100 miles!

Always a great sign when your initiative and turn order combine to make 666. While we’re in the Plain of Night surrounded by Night Demons. Not ominous at all, nope.

Opened up Saturday morning here at with “Rise of the Machines”, a demo of various robotics teams, virtual reality, and 3D printing. Nice to get a general display of our future overlords to start off the day.

First hills run! In Charlottesville this afternoon. Personal records for distance, duration, and elevation gain on a single run. But man, the calves yo.

Damn straight. (My times are nothing spectacular. But going from couch + 1 chill pickup game of soccer per week at the start of this year, to now regularly running multiple times a week is a major personal achievement!)

First ever attempt at a 10K distance! And I’ve already met my target for next month’s Elizabeth River Run 10K down in Portsmouth. Looks like I’ll have to set the bar higher!

Thanks to Running Etc in Norfolk for a great first experience getting fitted for running shoes. They were both technical and personal, analyzing my foot and style and taking into account my goals and training needs. Walked (ran?) away with a new pair of Brooks Ghost 11s! Excited to give them their inaugural run today on an informal 10K training run with the peeps.

Let the 2018 small venue live music streak continue. Gina Payne and Step Up Connection live at Avenue Blue, Hampton, VA.

The resolution for more live music this year continues. The Clue (classic rock) live at Hoss’s Deli, Newport News.

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