#introduction Hello, I am interested in linguistics, electromagnetics, propulsion and ancient religions. Degrees in law, history, and philosophy. Science Fiction & Fantasy author, freelance lawyer and history teacher. Looking to make some connections and flesh out my RSS reader with interesting sources of articles on the above subjects.

Especially interested in good novels and articles about #colonization, from both a hard science and a wild-speculation or historic perspective.


@JamieEllison You appear to be an embodiment of several of my favorite topics in one person. :) Welcome! At the risk of a self plug for one of my short stories, may I suggest the post-colonial SF anthology "We See a Different Frontier" published by The Future Fire: press.futurefire.net/p/we-see-.

@quantumcowboy looks interesting, I will check it out tomorrow, and I hope you continue to find me interesting :) zzznao!

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