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Annnnddd just realized that I can repeat the process to delete *every* tweet, just 3400 at a time. Doing so now.

Whew, I just used TweetDelete to purge the most recent 3400 tweets (what is visible) and enforce a 31-day window for and new tweets before auto-deleting them. That took some winding up. One more step in transitioning to Mastodon for my primary social media platform and divesting from corporate social media as much as possible. It will be a work in progress.

Premiere League is back! Weekends return to normal. (And by normal I mean full of brunch and soccer watching.)

Dear manufacturers of men's pants and shorts. If it has more than five belt loops... It has too many belt loops. Kind Regards, me.

Here is another shot from / . This one is of Upper Doyle's Falls, which is about a 3.5 mile from Loft Mountain Campground, including a beautiful segment on the AT. The campground is at 3400', so there are many wonderful views of the surrounding mountain ridges from the height. The hike to this waterfall drops about 1600' in elevation, which is nice... until you have to climb it back up again to get back to ...

Photo of shelf fungus in the woods. Show more

So, I'm co-chairing the new Science Track at RavenCon 14 next April! If you'll be in range of Williamsburg, VA the weekend of April 5, have a scientific or technical background that would inform good science fiction, and are interested, please reach out!

(Note: the RavenCon program chair has specifically stipulated that the con should keep a literary focus. That means Science Track content should support writers and readers of SFF, not be science content for its own sake.)

Really enjoying my first campaign of Gloomhaven! Essentially a way of playing a DnD or Pathfinder type RPG, with no one having to be the GM. I'm playing a human scoundrel named Ainhoa.


About to start The Three-Body Problem, by Cixin Liu. It's been on my list for a long time, but it's only now bubbled to the top... I wasn't really reading much for fun for a long time and now I'm slowly catching up. Can't wait to read and discuss this one.

Getting pumped up for our EPL Fantasy Draft in 30 min! And T - 1 week until the season start, so excitement all around.

I'm interested in volunteering for aid work abroad. I found the site GoEco with a quick Google search, and the posted opportunities look promising. I'm wondering if anyone out there has other recommendations of ways to find good options, or perhaps a specific experience or program that they would recommend? Please boost!

Wheeeee! A story I've been trying to sell for a long time as finally sold! I won't post the deets until all the paperwork is complete, but feels good to be getting something new out there after a long time.

I am seriously contemplating deleting all my tweets and just leaving a link to my Mastodon profile. For now, it's just a thought experiment.

Full room for Administrator Jim Bridenstine at Langley Research Center.


Time to explore! I went to Shenandoah for the first time last month. Going again this weekend, which will also be my first solo camping trip ever as well. The five years i was teaching, i wasn't able to explore the outdoors as much as i would have liked. Time to get back out there.


Just shaved 1:20 off of my 5K time! Overall it still remains solidly nothing special, but it's nice to see progress. Might change my Thursday morning fitness time to just running to see if I can get the time down even more.

In the middle of Neal Stephenson's SEVENEVES, and I'm liking it far more than I expected. Probably still not going to make it higher than a 3.0/5.0, just because, as usual for NS, about 40% of the text is mindnumbing irrelevant descriptions of things and processes that could be removed with zero impact on the story or characters. But the premise is fascinating and many of the ideas it explores have great bearing on near-future spaceflight.