Big day for my progress. This evening’s run was a personal best mile and 5K time, and my shoes turned 100 miles!

I definitely need an additional d6 and two more d8s.

I mean what nerds would have to disperse for vehemently agreeing about Eurovision while drunk and disorderly loitering outside a Barnes and Noble on a Tuesday night? I’m certainly way cooler than that. Nope, would definitely never find myself in that situation.

So I know I’m really late to this party, but hey Game of Thrones is actually pretty good.

Always a great sign when your initiative and turn order combine to make 666. While we’re in the Plain of Night surrounded by Night Demons. Not ominous at all, nope.

Thoughts on women using Snapchat photos with the “cute” filters on as the majority or totality of their profile pics? I find it really annoying, but I suppose it’s the analog to the male “duckface” or the gratuitous gym/workout shot? Anyway, it’s basically a straight up elimination factor at this point.

Does instance (or Pod) seem to matter as much to experience as it does for Mastodon? How did you choose a Pod to make your initial account? They don’t seem to be organized around themes like instances.

How do peeps feel about Diaspora? Specifically, as a platform by itself, and also in conjunction with or in place of mastodon?

Me, picking up friend from Easter Mass: "Sooooo, how's Jeeeesus?"

Her: "Doing gooooood, he's back aliiiiiive now. Says hiiiiiiii...."

So I really enjoy the data from my Camry Hybrid’s energy computer. Interesting finding (though with not enough repeated trials to have error bars and therefore possibly suspect): more than any other factor (such as A/C, Eco Mode, tire pressure, etc) the single most effective way to increase efficiency is to simply slow down. Dropping my freeway cruise speed from 80 to 72 mph buys 5+ mpg. The other stuff helps of course, but smaller effect.

It's amazing how rich people get all sentimental about an old church and manage to donate multiple hundred millions of Euros within a day of such a disaster.

I mean, I applaud those donations, I really do. It's just baffling to me how your priorities allow you to care more about an old building than human people suffering from social injustice all around the globe and even in your direct neighborhood.

Kind of a shitty run today. I’ve got to remember while getting that not every time will be better than the last, and sometimes what’s important is to keep grinding and make it to the next opportunity.

Suba Aluth Avurudu (Happy Sinhalese New Year) everyone! The sun has now crossed from Meena Rashiya (House of Pisces) to the Mesha Rashiya (House of Aries) in the celestial sphere. (No I don’t believe in astrology, but it’s a cultural marker of note that my family celebrates.) Enjoy and observe spring, renewal, and rebirth in the world.

I really really would love to do a book release party for my sequel at next year's RavenCon. I think that is an extremely ambitious schedule though...

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