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Nalin Ratnayake

Now starting SPLINTERED SUNS, by Michael Cobley.

The hardness of a diamond is part of its usefulness, but its true value is in the light that shines through it. (B.K.S. Iyengar) with Timeless | Meditation 

3/5 stars for Mohsin Hamid's EXIT WEST. My review: TLDR: Provides a unique perspective through interesting characters and setting, but the style and tone really turn me off.

Fruit smoothies with a shot of vodka seems like a pretty legit way to get the required daily servings of fruit into my diet. This approach probably will not pass rigorous scrutiny on a heath basis, but hey, here I am.

when I first ran D&D, my grandmother, who had bought fully into the IT'S SATANISM hype, insisted on sitting and watching the first session

about an hour in, she threw her hands up and yelled 'THIS IS JUST MATH' and stormed off

@senatormeow what fundamentalists expect D&D to be like: the evil "dungeon master" must force the players to commit horrific acts in submission to his satanic will

What D&D is actually like:

DM: You can't... you can't fucking cross the river by seducing it. You just can't. I'm begging you not to do this.
Player: *rolls a nat 20* I SUCCESSFULLY SEDUCE THE RIVER

About to begin Mohsin Hamid’s EXIT WEST.

I’ll be on WION (Indian TV) in ten minutes to comment on Facebook’s patent for identifying and targeting families using facial recognition.

(In a nutshell: it’s their business model. Of course they’re going to. There’s nothing surprising about this whatsoever. What I’m surprised about is that we keep getting surprised about a company doing exactly what its financial statements state it does to make money.)

Woohoo, shipped my Martin X-200 single-piece recurve bow to Virginia! It’s been hanging out at my parents’ place in Cali for years. Time to explore the ranges in my new area.

<rant>The phrase "visible from space" kinda irks me. I think what people typically mean is "visible with the average unaided human eye from about 500 km" (the altitude of the ISS). But "space" is pretty big. Do you mean at 100 km from the Earth's surface, where it begins? 100,000 km? From Sagittarius B? Also, visible with what? Imaging satellites have a resolution of perhaps a license plate, so in that context almost everything we consider an object is visible from space. I dunno.</rant>

Curry leaves and lime always on standby next to the stove in my mom’s kitchen.

Just tried Tres Hermanas in midtown . Great food, but not mind blowing. Service well meaning but a bit slipshod. Excellent decor and atmosphere, pretty good house margarita.

The last couple years, I’ve been doing an annual tradition of tallying up what I’ve been grateful for over the year, and then donating to non-profits addressing needs in those categories.

I need something for my “misc” category! What are your favorite unique non-profits? Something funky or niche? Someone doing hyper-local work in their community? Would love your suggestions! #giving

Just bought tix to see Gary Clark, Jr. live in Richmond next March! One of the best blues musicians out there right now. Excited!

I'm so grateful for such generous friends and family! I started a fundraising page for All Hands and Hearts, a nonprofit with whom I'll be deploying to Texas next month to help with the ongoing recovery/rebuild following Hurricane Harvey. We hit my original fundraising goal in a week, so I raised the bar. We hit the new goal in a day. Wow! Thanks again everyone, and expect more photos and updates from TX next month.

Latest step in the transition away from Google, Twitter, Facebook, and Amazon... I have migrated all of my reading-related cataloging, reviews, ratings, and updates from GoodReads (now owned by Amazon) to BookLikes:

I just read Neil Gaiman’s “The Ocean at the End of the Lane”, straight through on my flight to Cali. Not my typical fare, but lots to think about there. It’s merging in odd but profound ways with other recent reading. Anyway, loved it and want to read more of his stuff.

Wow, TSA Pre-Check is so, so much less hassle.

Made it home after a kickass weekend working Hurricane Florence disaster relief in New Bern, NC! First trip of what I’m sure will be many with All Hands and Hearts. Fantastic volunteer experience, I highly recommend volunteering for those physically able, and/or donating for those financially able! Headed to TX next month to help with the ongoing Hurricane Harvey rebuild efforts in disadvantaged parts of Houston.