Just found out that NNPL has an online form you can submit telling them what you like, and they will have a librarian personally look over it and send you book or film recommendations: library.nnva.gov/226/What-to-R. How cool is that? It's like having a one-on-one book nerd consultant for free.

Can anyone recommend a book recommendation app/service/system/method that is not GoodReads or Amazon?

"You're like a bluntly rational and shockingly pleasant hippie." -- A friend (admittedly three beers in) attempting to describe me.

Never heard that before, but I'll take it.

Took the afternoon off with a book from the local library and an oatmeal stout from the local brewery. 70deg in January is not a thing to waste!

Also, my first Haruki Murakami book, on a recommendation from a friend. Will report.

The recent discourse (not just on here, and not just contrapoints) about canceling has reminded me that we are all likely to be saying things today which will make us cringe in 10 years.
This comes with growing and learning.
We aren't perfect and may never be perfect. This doesn't mean that we shouldn't be held accountable, but there's definitely different ways of doing it.
And we're not always the person who is capable of helping something else grow, and we don't have to.

One year ago I was not a runner, never intended to become a runner, didn't even own a pair of running shoes. A lot can happen in a year... set a challenge and go for it!

2020 resolutions locked in....
One City Half Marathon
Ragnar Trail Zion
Outer Banks Marathon (first! aaaaahhh!)

Am I a terrible person for finding Left Hand of Darkness a real slog? I’m having a really hard time getting through more than a few pages at a time. I love the ideas presented but it’s wearying to read.

(For reference, I loved The Dispossessed, and almost any written or spoken thing I’ve found from as a person.)

Is it just me or do all ducks sound like caricatures of themselves?

The introduction that Ursula K LeGuin wrote to The Left Hand of Darkness might be among the best essays I’ve ever read.

This article is fascinating: bbc.com/future/article/2019120

"So we shouldn’t curse our memories when they let us down. They’re made to be changeable, in order that we can take millions of fragments of memories from different times of our lives and recombine them to give us endless imaginative possibilities for the future."

First thanksgiving since giving up meat ( though still pescatarian). Made an autumn salmon to go alongside the traditional turkey and ham.

Marinade: maple syrup, bulleit bourbon, blood orange olive oil, lime, sea salt, black pepper, smoked paprika, and fresh rosemary!

Accidental 10K PR 54:26 here at the annual Sacramento Run to Feed the Hungry! Including running in a turkey hat and slowing to make sure I high fived every little kid on the side who thought my hat was cool. Happy Thanksgiving y’all.

From this morning at my parents house. Typical easy/whatever Sri Lankan breakfast. Roti (made from a mix of coconut and wheat flour with diced onions), sambol (shredded coconut, chilies, lime, dried fish), and an egg, followed by fruit and tea, and maybe some hakkuru, sweets made from palm sap.

“We remained alert and constantly aware of our environment, which helped us to be present in the moment. Even though we weren’t saying much, there existed between us the camaraderie of an unspoken language, a deep feeling of appreciation that we were alive and healthy. We felt fortunate that we were able to run.”

- Sakyong Mipham, “Running with the Mind of Meditation”

Had a great race despite re-emerging right knee issues. 2:08:54 official time, which feel short of my goal of 2:05:00 but still beat my previous 2:15:47. And, according to my Garmin, also set my best 10K time within the Half Marathon! Two PRs in one race, can’t complain!

Resting for a few weeks while on vacay in California and Mexico! Though I’ll prob get a light run in here and there. Looking forward to the One City half in March.

Planning to continue stretching and strenthening workouts for core, hips, and glutes, plus some light resistance work for the leg muscles and something low-impact like stationary bike for cardio. Just no high-impact running for now.

A hard decision to make just two weeks out from a half marathon, but I think need to just stop until my race. Major IT band flare up again on yesterday's long run, and even though I was able to grind out 10.3 miles, it's really not happy. I don't want to risk long term injury, and maybe all these other "fixes" (like the support band etc) though they help are just covering up the fact that I need to rest it. I think that might do me more good than any further training at this point.

The world, and especially the online part thereof, needs more flowers. Here are some (OK, one's an open set of seed pods, but it's easily pretty enough to be in the set).

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