Are you left-handed?

If so at what age did you figure out that you are left-handed?

(I'm not making some kind of point about gender or sexuality. I'm asking about handedness. Boosts encouraged)

Oh geez this baby is an actual smelly cat but! Look at her face!!

She hasn't grown much in the month she's with us so the pros are convinced she will always be tiny, a pocket cat if you will 😻 she will be going to her furever home this Saturday and we will be catless for a little while!

Thank you all for asking such thoughtful questions at the Afrofuturism panel!

I'm going to pass out now, seeing as it's almost three in the morning.

But before I go - I have a reading later!

Thursday 6:30p.m. ET/Friday 10:00 NZST

See you there!

the #pigs i post are always in need of donations

you can donate to the farm directly thru our non-profit via #patreon or #paypal

these donations cover feed, medical care, and anything else we may need for caring for these cuties

Regarding the cat boosts: if you lived with this furry little jerk, you'd get it too!

The crazy thing is... it’s true. The toys, their secrets. All of it. It’s all true.

Fuck Richard Stallman and fuck nerds trying to minimize his shit with "Oh, that's just Richard".

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