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Crispy Air Fryer Tofu (How to Make Crispy Tofu) via Jessica in the Kitchen

It came out pretty tasty!

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Finished recipe: Teriyaki Tofu from Jessica in the Kitchen

Modifications to this recipe (air fryer crispy tofu, no sesame seeds)

food, vegan, tofu 

I have been very hesitant on getting an air fryer, but the lower fat possibility is definitely a big thing for me (borderline cholesterol over here).

Are there multi-function air fryers? ...things that do other things like various pressure cooking etc?

I just got my hands on an cast iron dutch oven and really looking forward to doing my first bread out of it!

food, vegan, tofu 

@presgas The one I have has settings for baking, broiling, roasting reheating, dehydrating. Although I think those may be just presets. It even has a built-in rotisserie. Time and heat are fully adjustable. I think the airfry setting may just swirl the air around more. I have not used my oven for anything other than monthly community dinners in the almost 3 years since I got it.

I had to learn how to use it properly because it's super easy to overcook anything and everything.

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