'real name' is a fake concept. people have always had multiple names. accepting the name in your official records as any more 'real' than any other you choose to be addressed by is merely acceding to capital's control over your reality

i mean this very literally. enforcing fixed identities on people, and in particular last names, which didn't exist in many areas, was an important step in the growth of the capitalist state, and necessary for bureaucratic control over individual lives. capitalism needs people fixed and pinned down in order to subordinate them to production. accepting such names as 'real' is internalising the machinery of control

@esvrld I don't want to have a last name. I just want to be Luna Maria Elektra, with none of these three having "last name" status (all of them should be like German Vornamen (we don't differentiate between first and middle names here)). I'd rather be called "Ms. Luna" than "Ms. Elektra".

Also the German transgender name change process only allows changing Vornamen, so I'm going to be stuck with my legal last name for a long time unless I get married (and I'm not planning to do that).

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