We should make a gay pagan/atheist competitor called the Damnation Army 😈

@monsono Although it's tried to say otherwise recently, the Salvation Army is still extremely transphobic and homophobic. Because it's a source of basic necessities for people who otherwise lack access to basic necessities, the Salvation Army's discrimination has literally killed people. They have also used donated funds to help lobby for anti-gay and -trans laws both at home and abroad in the past.

@monsono with the caveat that I know much less about their treatment of people who openly aren't Christian, because I haven't researched that as thoroughly or run across it as frequently, I have also *heard* that they're not great there either.

@monsono They started changing some official policies around 2013 when they were getting *really* bad press, but the organization's official stance is still that being gay or trans is a sin and the behavior of the people who run SA locations reflects that.
The SA is, fortunately, not the sole source of basic need services in the US. You can do a lot of good by donating to a local food bank or shelter. Here's a searchable list of food banks:

@monsono Your best bet is to plug "[town or county name] food bank" or "[town or county name] shelter" into your preferred search engine, though. Lots of places can take donations directly from their website these days. Donating food, *nice* clothes/bedding, toys, etc. is good, but money is usually better because these organizations have access to resources you don't, especially when it comes to buying food in bulk.

@monsono Sorry, it was kind of a lot. The SA makes me really angry, just in general.

I probably don't need to say this, but just in case: you shouldn't be an asshat to bell ringers, store employees, etc. or people who go to the SA for help. Folks who use SA services often don't have other options (and if the SA has to exist, someone should actually be getting the help they need from it). (1/2)

@monsono Workers often either don't know how bad the SA is or have to be there for some reason, like court-mandated service or it being one of the few jobs available to them. Different locations are run by different people and may be better or worse individually too. I know my local SA is still kicking women out of their stores for hugging, and not even in a romantic way, so uh. That's a thing. (2/2)

@monsono ...completely forgot to mention I have no idea how much of this applies outside the US. ...Still, don't give them your money.

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