Can anybody recommend a or book where none of the antagonists are ~crazy~? I liked Into the Drowning Deep, but everything I've read of hers since then is... not great on that front. I really want to like her, but it's discomforting to see that and Summer Glau Syndrome be the go-to depictions of mental illness in at least three books so far.

@polyplacophora some of McGuire’s Wayward Children books have no antagonist at all, and much healthier depictions of mental illness

@DialMforMara any in particular you would recommend? Unfortunately the first one I hit was Every Heart a Doorway.

@polyplacophora that’s the first one, and I found it extremely powerfully relatable. You might like the fourth one best.

@polyplacophora Have you read the Indexing books? They *might* meet your criteria, depending on interpretation.

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