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I'd vote for a daytime raccoon if it ran against Trump.

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User: "Give me administrator access and do the following..."

~The Difference~

Windows: *taps clipboard sternly*
"You can do this and that, but I'm going to have to stop you at some point."

Linux: *rolls sleeves, fires up chainsaw*
"Welp~ sure hope you know what you're doing BECAUSE HEEEERE WE GO :D"

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Natural pearls are all iridescent and I wanted to draw something themed around that.
With the queer space rock kind!
#Mastoart #fanart #creativetoots

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Les personnes queer
Les personnes NB
Les personnes LGBT
Les personnes handicapées
Les personnes neurodivergentes
Les personnes neuroatypiques

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folks. I am 10 months after my breakup and following a very long process of semi homeless and guestroom crashing - moving into my own place.

As a student I am not recieving a lot of money in from my loan - after my necessities I have 350 NOK (40usd) a week for food and everything that isn't shelter and travel.

I have a patreon

And if anyone wants to help me scrape together for a dry food storage my paypal is

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No job, farm mortgage due, help save the alpacas 19 Feb: #rainbow and #pride stuff: 2 trans pride bracelets, 1 6", 1 7", both $20 ea; rainbow hand armor, $30, I have 2; rainbow badge lanyard, $25, 1 avail; rainbow stretch necklace, designed for nursing mothers to give baby something to grab other than mommy's hair, 1 avail, $40. Shipping included in price. #lgbtqa #art #mastoart
help if you can, boost if you can't, tnx

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Just want to reiterate that no matter who wins in the primary, I would vote for a rancid ham sandwich over Trump and you should do the same.

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I have this lopi yarn, the stuff you use for icelandic sweaters. beautiful. but I know I'm not ever going to knit with it, because of all the handspun sweater yarn I have, and this is my priority.

Is it the thing that this years airing of the stash is different? I don't know. but I'll try to find a new home for that yarn.

anyone here (preferrably europe) into lopi knitting, in woodland colours?

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Speaking of next level shit... To save the sound of Stradivarius violins forever, they brought in master luthiers, and recorded every note one at a time. Every transition. Every sound you could make. And now there's a database so one could craft new music with Stradivarius violins without owning one.

But the truly next level shit in here is that they shut down and put the cone of silence down around the recording studio so the street noise wouldn't fuck with the recordings.

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‘Facebook labelled 'digital gangsters' by [UK] report on fake news’

“Facebook deliberately broke privacy and competition law and should urgently be subject to statutory regulation, according to a devastating parliamentary report denouncing the company and its executives as ‘digital gangsters’.”

Also on our forum:

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"Can Anyone Live in Full Software Freedom Today? Confessions of Activists Who Try But Fail to Avoid Proprietary Software" by Bradley M. Kuhn and Karen Sandler (FOSDEM 2019 video)

Thought-provoking talk. I'm not sure if it gives me relief (that I'm not the only one who struggles with this) or despair (at the impossibility/absurdity of the whole struggle).

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A very good advice I once heard: instead of making super detailed sketches make really rough ones and from those make your lineart.

If your sketch is super clean your lineart will only be tracing and it'll probably lose its liveliness. If your sketch is rough then you're still figuring stuff as you do your lineart and you keep some of the spontaneity.


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