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Wohoo! Got to $800! Help me get to my next Patreon goal so I can afford rent, groceries, pet expenses and bills through my Patreon and focus on learning new skills and building my portfolio! :patreon:

#art #monarobot

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abuse meta, "positive" effects 

Reminder that people who mistreated you get no credit for any skills or positive traits you developed in response to mistreatment; that was your own resilience and ingenuity in response to a bad situation, not something they did for you. The line that bullying and abuse build character or make you a better or more capable person remains a giant, harmful lie.

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Happy Sunday Mastodon!

Rose is being a brat again, as I try and give Violet her goat minerals


#ヤギ #goats #AudioDescription #GoatsOfMastodon #mastopets

via: @youtube

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update re: welsh police, racist murder 

so some more info has come to light

essentially the IOPC and the Cardiff Police are being as awkward as the possibly can be with sharing details. what started as them denying any misconduct at all, is now at the point where they are speaking to 46 of the 52 officers that came into contact with Mohammud Hassan, but they still refuse to release the body cam footage which is what the grieving family is now focused on asking for.

the number of ex-cops in the IOPC is so high that they had ensure certain rules are filled by civilians. the number of cops in the org currently stands at 40%. so you can see you're not likely to get any justice from this "independent" body.

for the ~1 800 english and welsh civilian deaths involving the police in the last 30 years, literally none of them have resulted in an officer being prosecuted.

#Cymru #Wales #Justice4Mohamud #Justice4MohamudHassan

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Neofeud is a cyberPUNK game about police murder of minorities, social, racial and economic inequality, and the prison/military/police-industrial complex, made by a poverty-line POC social worker (me!) It's also 70% off now!

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The final result is:

* R = 25%
* G = 40%
* B = 36%

As expected (and described in the thread), the gamut is pretty low (ie. not an immense possibility of colours, due to fact that masto polls options sum is 100)

0..100 to 0..255 (in gimp) give:

* R = 63.8 (64)
* G = 102
* B = 91.8 (92)

HTML: #40665C

It's a soft, dark, bluish green!

It's complimentary color is #66404A (102,64,74)

Its triadic scheme:
#5C4066 (92,64,102) and #665C40 (102,92,64)

We could call it "Fédi-vert"?

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you'll note, though, that the work of constructing a world that "forgot" or, worse, never knew about gay people continues in this period where gay people have "unprecedented" visibility. we are still lying about the possibilities of being gay in the post-Stonewall years of the seventies, the eighties, the nineties, the aughts, even the 2010s.

this allows us to present stagnation, backslides, or lateral changes in gay people's well-being as "progress" against a presumed, ahistoric past of undifferentiated repression.

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Miami police kill woman while serving illegal eviction order

While serving an eviction order in defiance of the ban issued by the Centers for Disease Control, Miami police officers shot and killed local resident Stephanie Nicole Voikin on April 6.

On March 16, 2021, Brickell First, LLC filed an eviction suit against Voikin claiming that she was unlawfully on the property. Utilizing public records, Liberation News has been able to determine that Voikin was never served with this suit and likely had no idea that Brickell First, LLC was suing her at all. Yet 21 days later the Miami Police Department sent a heavily armed group of police officers to her SW 12th Street home.

Read More:

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couple new wallpapers

got tired of seeing Arch Linux wallpapers with "muh waifu" and shit. so, here are a few with ladies running elegant-complex-streamlined tech from phone switches to NASA rocket thrusters

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Amazon illegally interfered in union vote - RWDSU (Retail Wholesale and Department Store Union) to file objections and related ULP charges to hold Amazon accountable for their actions.

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Tesla criticizes the German government for delaying the destruction of a forest where they want to build their battery factory. Because battery factories are better for the environment?!? Dear Tesla: an unnecessary sports car with a battery is still an unnecessary sports car.

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#JeRecrute :D
ProtonMail is hiring, and a lot. Front-end, Back-end, QA, Copy, AdminSys, etc.

I've joined @protonmail 2 years ago, and this was the best move I did in all my career: great colleagues/challenges/achievements... and more important: giving sense to our jobs for an ethical mission.

Any questions on any position, don't be shy: ping me, feel free to ask. It always starts with a simple conversation, and it ends with super nice opportunities and achievements.

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help out a black transman in law school (donations, ok to boost) 

Hi hello!

I am a black trans man and I'm also in law school! Without saying too many specifics to potentially doxx myself, I'm a rising 3L (third year) law student. I currently work in criminal defense, will be doing impact litigation during the summer for LGBTQ people, and I hope to make LGBTQ impact litigation a career of mine.

I'm a first generation student and so I'm paying for law school with a generous scholarship and lots of loans! Boo, I know.

By doing public interest work, I sadly don't make the big bucks like some of my corporate-focused classmates.

Want to help me do cool shit like writing post-conviction relief motions, all while fueled by caffeine?

You can donate! Or boost! Thanks!

CashApp: $lucifugel

(Please PM for PayPal and Venmo).

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@bright_helpings @ljwrites @bgcarlisle yes and no maybe, I think we are ultimately talking about the same thing, only we love looking at it for what it is, and what people imagine when they talk about "grammar" is total bores who try to force it to be what it is not.

Most Brazilian speakers: "a.gente tá namorando" we are dating

Certain marginalised communities: a.gente tá se namorando" we are us-dating, we are self-dating

Total bores who don't know nothing about anything: And here what we see is a common grammar error called a Pronominal Pleonasm. This verb Does Not take the reflexive oblique you doofuses, it's redundant and useless, stop doing that I say tsk tsk.

Linguists: (cat ears perk up) nya? You emerged ~what~, let me see it show it to me :blobcatpeek: (grammar sense tingling) ok this is neat, can u show me where else you loves do that and we southlings wouldn't?:

* "quando tu se acordar" when you self-wake.up
* "eu nunca se meti na tua vida" I never self-intruded in your life
* "a.gente se subiu no telhado" we self-climbed on.the roof

wait wait, are you—ooh I see, you're regularising the middle voice! this is neat, we haven't seen a proper middle voice since Ancient Greek, true Romance was doing it with "se" but only for a few fixed verbs, plus if anything it's disappearing in mainstream pt (eles se separaram > eles separaram, they divorced). Did you know in Minas they're dropping it even faster? Wanna talk about it over a hike?


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"Thought-policing your Neurolink" Neofeud is a #cyberpunk #adventuregame about a cyborg social worker for sentient machines fighting CEO / Kings, made by a one-person dev (me!)
Neofeud 1 is 70% off now! Help me finish NF2! (Pictured)

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Game developers want to reimagine US-led assault on Fallujah as a first-person shooter game.
Is killing Arabs just a game to some?
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Timeline in which all teslas are smelted down to make interurban trams that run through your village every ten minutes

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not that i like google but i'm glad the court decided APIs cannot be copyrighted because holy shit what a dangerous precedent

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