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need a place to go immediately 

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Company: our technology uses sophisticated algorithms to deliver highly relevant suggestions for you

Algorithm: if user.gender is Gender.FEMALE then return Books.where(genre is BookGenre.ROMANCE)

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there's no queer liberation without black liberation, as the past 40 years have shown us

Okay, this actually looks pretty simple. My dad was a piano tuner, so I admit I was expecting something a little more involved and with a greater risk of slicing my arm open.

I figure stringing it and trying to play it is the step most likely to either reveal or cause irreparable damage so I should try it *before* trying to sand away polyurethane

today in news, I'm taking a break from paint stripping and repair-specific research to see if I can figure out how to string it once I have the parts.

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protestor death 

I now know that the neck is mahogany, the fretboard is rosewood, the main body is agathis, it's 3/4ths the size of a normal guitar, and its neck is that thin on purpose.

I do *not* know what size bridge pins or saddle it needs.

Looked at the site for the company. Poor is being excessively and unnecessarily gendered.
*gently pats guitar* I've been there, buddy. I've been there.

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Regarding the incident at CHOP:

A fascist faction, The Proud Boys, tried to stage a drive by shooting.

Leftists militants enacted immaculate form, in nuetralization of the threat. With better than military precision.

The cops would not have been adept at handling this. In fact referencing past incidents. They would have riddled the vehicle with bullets, and caused civilian casualties.

Leftists civilians have better training than the cops. This is the take away...

And I was right! A children's guitar for learning to play. Looks like this company specializes in guitars for young girls. That explains the eye searing pink.

Apparently that's supposed to say Debutante, not Delentante

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An organizer with Southerners on New Ground is raising money to buy back some of their ancestral land in North Carolina -- time sensitive fundraiser!

"There is a house, a tired and seen many-a-thing house that sits on the land my grandfather planted those freedom seeds on. It was removed from my family's possession 48 years ago, and today - it is for sale.

It is no small thing to be called to a place. It is a larger thing still to let myself hope that there is a possibility of return. As a Black Queer southern organizer, fighting for the freedom of my people is my birthright. I am seeking a reclamation of what it means to be free and am reaching out to you for support in realizing it. "

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*explaining mastodon to someone* yeah, ok, there's not really any brand presence. the Garfield account is just a person who is using it as an alias, not Jim Davis's account. oh no, not that one. the Nicolas Maduro account is actually real, that's actually the official account of the president of Venezuela

I haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaate fireworks

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Each container of #Raspberries is a different type. After a few days with temps around 77˚F (25˚C), the canes are bent heavy with ripening fruit and this weekend's rain should plump up the next round to come. #gardening

The glass containers were put straight into the freezer. Once frozen, I can weigh them out into plastic bags or do something with the large batch of fruit.

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Saw a Washington Post story about how Fox News kept people from taking Covid seriously. I would have read it, but it was behind a paywall. Guess what's never behind a paywall? Fox news

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