"You are the last?"
"Yes," the last God said. "Gods exist to give reason to the inexplicable, and die when it is explained."
"So what are you God of? Love? Dark matter?"
"No," the God said with a smile, "I'm the God of creating Gods."
It faded from view.
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I would just upload the CIVS software onto webspace I already have, but I'm fairly sure I'd need an actual virtual server for it not just cloud hosting, and I don't have access to that. So I'm looking for people who'd be interested in helping either with tech or with organising/fundraising to keep such a project going in the medium term. I'm happy to commit some funds and can probably do the setup OK, but I can't bankroll the whole thing or shoulder all the maintenance work.

OK, this is a "boosts needed" post, please boost this if you see it. At least one organisation I'm involved in has a major problem in that it runs online and needs to be able to ballot members, and just about all the easy services for doing so aren't GDPR compliant.

Would anyone be interested in clubbing together to try and run a Euro-side, compliant server of CIVS or a similar e-voting system that could be used by community groups, activist orgs, and so on?

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"Why do you hoard gold and silver anyway?" the princess asked.
"Copper, too," the dragon said.
"I've never heard of copper hoards."
The dragon shrugged. "Those metals are the best heat conductors. When I have enough, I will build cooling fins."
"Are you hot?"
"My egg will be."
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I have an IPA question. Why does English IPA always appear in //, like /ðɪs/ but French IPA is in [], comme [sa]?

The math people at my school have all taken to introducing themselves like “I’m _____ and I use the she series” (or they series or whatever) which I think is cute.

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"What is it like to be human?" the visiting alien asked.
"What is it like to be an alien?"
"Bewildering, feeling you don't fit in."
"But interesting, and there are times you do fit in."
"So... It's like being people?"
"It's like being people."
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"That's a girly cocktail" oh you mean a female-presenting tipple?

Before we get all 'The Sky is Falling' with Alt-Right knuckleheads migrating to specific instances that cater to them, remember:

1. The block feature actually works here and should be used liberally if you see bad faith arguers or worse.

2. Instance-level personal blocks can be executed on the web client by going to the user, opening the additional […] menu and clicking 'Hide all from this instance'.

3. Petition your local moderating team to ban and suspend instances outright. We'll listen!

I'm not sure how much sense this will make to people who aren't regular listeners to Planet Money, but it was brilliant one.npr.org/?sharedMediaId=662

Well, I'm not listening to that again for a while youtube.com/watch?v=D3m3RgsTdD
Because it made me cry a lot.

I declare #CakeForTransFriendsDay.

I'm fed up of "coming out" days that ask trans people to come out in an unsafe world, doing all the risky stuff, while cis people ignore us.

Today, 14th Oct, every year, the onus is on cis people to buy cake for their #trans, #nonbinary and otherwise genderly-interesting friends.

Trans people's genders are what they say they are. This has been known and settled for decades.

People's access to gendered spaces is currently based on their gender, and that's how it should be.

The transphobes calling themselves feminists are participating in patriarchy.

My heart goes out to everyone who has been traumatized and is having it brought up again. You have the right to take care of yourself today, whether that means engaging more or pulling back.

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