Anybody on the shop playing RDR2 for PS4? Could use a posse

This is a thing of beauty. The met police Twitter account got hacked

just defederated with for spamming follows on a bunch of our users (personally, they followed me with 800+ bot accounts)

would recommend you do the same

Well it's #ThrowbackThursday so let's make it actually good. Here's Cesaro and Luke Harper having a hoss battle in Chikara like 10 years ago

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Over on they have free recap videos of the G1 events so far. Right now I’d say you can catch up quickly if you watch the matches but that won’t be true for much longer due to the sheer number of them.

If you’re looking for a dedicated pro wrestling mastodon instance, look no more:

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Fight for the Fallen got pretty "weird corporate fake activism" at the end huh?

Most of my pro wrestling posts will be moved to @phil if you’re interested in that.

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