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hot take: capitalism, slavery, marxism 

Marxists, as a group, have tried to make the key element of capitalism the wage relationship & wage labour because their aversion to Black liberation is stronger than their dedication to historical materialism.

To say it again in a simpler/clearer (but longer) way:

- Capitalism is a system where capital (money for investment) rules the world.
- This system was built on slavery. It was also built on the work of "free" people, but slavery was super important. You can't ignore it.
- So anti-capitalist theory has to treat slavery as very important.
- Marxists are anti-capitalist theorists. But most of them don't treat slavery as important, even though slavery was happening everywhere when Marxism was created.
- They focus on "free" labour instead because it fits better with the rest of their worldview.
- So their worldview actually is very similar to the people they say they're against.
- Marxism even has principles that say people shouldn't let their worldviews get in the way of good theory, but they seem to do it a lot anyway. This is ironic.

Reading Cloud Atlas. Has anyone else read the book? It is fascinating, and I need my own copy now! (Library book).

Making the decision tonight to catch up on articles and videos and let my mind wander instead of doing more work.

That brief moment of panic as an admin when the site it's not clear if an error is because of network issues or the Shop being down.

(Thankfully, network issues)

"Why Are There So Few Women in Computer Science?" a 6min video that explains shortly but clearly the why and hows computer science is dominated by men today (and NO I will not make a TLDNR, you can watch a 6minutes videos by yourselves...)

"Women pioneered computer programming. Then men took their industry over", an interesting article on how, again, there were a lot of women in CS until the narratives shifted in the mid 80's towards "computers are for boys"

"The tech sector has a big problem with women. Bulgaria has the answer" an interesting article on how gender diversity is slightly better in some Eastern Europe countries, why, and how to keep improving. (by Katie Marie Davies)

What Programming's Past Reveals About Today's Gender-Pay Gap? When men enter a female-heavy field, perceptions of women don’t improve—perceptions of the job do. (by Rhaina Cohen)

I forgot to mention that I was recently given the honor of being named a @ThePSF fellow.

I'm really humbled by this, thank you to the Fellows working group and the entire #python community.

This is really nice: "SVG Repo - Search and find 300.000+ open source SVG graphics fastest way"

I need more people to talk about The Hold Steady with.

@shopbot @phildini “Como Caído Del Cielo (As If Fallen From Heaven)”,

Late heartthrob takes a bet to escape purgatory: possess one of his impersonators —in a coma after following Pedro’s bad example— & fix the guy’s life. Infante finds himself a man out of time in a world where his granddaughter’s class studies him as a bad example of . It’s interesting to see what parts of traditional he decides to keep & what he tries to abandon.

Under communism, there'll bread lines. That's how good the bread is gonna be

@shopbot @phildini

Since I went into quarantine, I’ve been working my way through all the shows, starting from the original pilot. I’m now up to the 4th season of Deep Space Nine.

I’d forgotten just how much under-the-radar queer content they’d slipped in! From buying baby shower gifts for a pregnant ensign with he/him pronouns, to the Bashir/Garek & Bashir/O’Brian relationships, to everything with Dax, some sneaky must have been pretty busy.


This article underemphasizes exactly how bad stww was — people were reporting it was *crashing their browser* when it came up in search

But they’re 100% right about the hypocrisy of all this stuff marginalized fans have been fighting for for years suddenly being popular bc its affecting white fans now too

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