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Polite reminder: Earth is a tree planet with some bacteria. Everything else is just the extra stuff that lives here too.

With #TravisCI basicly (silently) killing OSS support it's time to take some serious effort to move quickly all the repos to github actions
I seriously supposed to have other priorities, but there is no much choice 🙄

Come celebrate Halloween with me, by joining a special edition of The One Who Got Away. We're going to be talking about our fears in a safe space, and I'd love for you to listen or join.

Hey folks. Come hang out with me and some chill beats while my 3d printer prints up a surprise.

If I liked , , and , but don’t really enjoy or or , will I like ? If not, what games are more timing/positioning/ combo focused and less “point at thing and shoot it” for the switch or iPad?

Halloween is a trans holiday, because so many of us use it to commemorate the first time we went out in public dressed as a different gender.
Because, you know, fun costume

Happy Halloween! By the way I collect images of fictional castles on cliffs here: Not all of them are spooooky but many are!

There is no time for despair, no place for self-pity, no need for silence, no room for fear. We speak, we write, we do language. That is how civilizations heal. - Toni Morrison

This AI has never heard of but when I gave it the list of existing teams, GPT-3 predicted that these teams will come next.

"Dissent requires the right to privacy: to be let alone in our vulnerabilities and the ability to form our thoughts and share them when we choose."

Hi folks! Who here is doing ?

The Man Behind the Counter bursts out from the back room*, mop and broom in hand, a wave of vermin and dust cascading before him out the front door of the shop.

"And stay out!" you hear him cry, before he returns to the back.

(We just processed a bunch of domain blocks and abuse reports. Thanks, and keep them coming.)

* which is a real place in our discord. message for an invite.

This afternoon I'm getting housework done with this on the TV:

It's relaxing as hell to watch a 3d print happening with chill beats in the background.

Printing a little something for my desk while chilling to some lo-fi beats.

This could be yours, if you watch...

My long-awaited voter guide is here! Covering the City of Alameda, the County of Alameda, the State of California, and 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

I got a 3d printer recently, so I have decided to go full internet millenial and stream it making low-poly plant boxes with lo-fi beats in the background.

So close to finishing my #LDJam entry, just sound effects and a couple graphics tweaks to go. Didn’t feel like crunching for the Compo.

My Theme Poll is up, & I'm talking about all the options:

Next is Things Unspoken - a Lovecraftian-esque empire with millions of secrets in billions of hidden corners.

From the mermaids in the south to the creatures nobody speaks of in the North Sea, from the eastern nations which aren't yet trained, to the Western lands where the Empire has held sway for centuries, the Empire holds more whispered secrets than we will every find.


this is best virtual conference interface ... also free software I believe

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