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Hi folks! Who here is doing ?

The Man Behind the Counter bursts out from the back room*, mop and broom in hand, a wave of vermin and dust cascading before him out the front door of the shop.

"And stay out!" you hear him cry, before he returns to the back.

(We just processed a bunch of domain blocks and abuse reports. Thanks, and keep them coming.)

* which is a real place in our discord. message for an invite.

This afternoon I'm getting housework done with this on the TV:

It's relaxing as hell to watch a 3d print happening with chill beats in the background.

Printing a little something for my desk while chilling to some lo-fi beats.

This could be yours, if you watch...

My long-awaited voter guide is here! Covering the City of Alameda, the County of Alameda, the State of California, and 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

I got a 3d printer recently, so I have decided to go full internet millenial and stream it making low-poly plant boxes with lo-fi beats in the background.

So close to finishing my #LDJam entry, just sound effects and a couple graphics tweaks to go. Didn’t feel like crunching for the Compo.

My Theme Poll is up, & I'm talking about all the options:

Next is Things Unspoken - a Lovecraftian-esque empire with millions of secrets in billions of hidden corners.

From the mermaids in the south to the creatures nobody speaks of in the North Sea, from the eastern nations which aren't yet trained, to the Western lands where the Empire has held sway for centuries, the Empire holds more whispered secrets than we will every find.


this is best virtual conference interface ... also free software I believe

"Oh my God, Little Cat, why are you goblining?!"

"Dude," says the partner. "It's goblin day - - goblin MONTH!"

"Oh no!"

"This is her costume!"


Is it weird that, digital or no, I wish my fandom friends were around? Not even just because of this--because I have missed them terribly all week, and I wish that work and time and quiet and my own brain would allow us to at least meet digitally as if we were together IRL.

Hi folks. I try not to do this often, but if you're a fan of The Shop and can kick in a few bucks a month, it really helps in keeping this place going.

For anyone who won't be living in Worldcon time and likes mead, there's a wonderful virtual event on:

Hoo! Cloudflare went down, so we went down briefly.

No idea if we'll go down again until Cloudflare works itself out.

Every other week, we help local artist @mroliverblank run a liveshow called "The One Who Got Away", which is a blend of pre-recorded and live stories where people answer the question: "What would you say to the one who got away?"

We're live now.

What would you say to the one who got away?

I'm back tonight with another episode of shared catharsis. Each story we listen to, whether live or recorded, is like a warm blanket of empathy, and I want to share this with you.

Join us:

Free service offered: I'm a professional author and editor, with thirty years of technical writing and multiple books to my credit. I'm offering editorial and rewrite services, for any piece up to 8000 words. Preference given to folks on the front lines, CVs, revolutionary and assistance articles. DM me for details.

My wine zine released our first tshirt today:

All Cabernets Age Beautifully.

Proceeds going to the Anti Police-Terror Project.

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