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At 10AM PT, I'm live-streaming working through open PRs on a hostable sponsorship platform:

Join in and chit-chat about anti-capitalism, cooperative development, and practical, compassionate, slow-and-steady development practices!

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Hey folks! This afternoon I'm going to do some pair programming, and you'll be able to follow along.

Check at 2PM PST

I haven't seen a lot of westerns, but I feel like _The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly_ might better be titled _The Neutral Evil, the Lawful Evil, and the Chaotic Evil_.

Hi folks! I also reviewed a bunch of reports and hopefully resolved them.

Reminder that the Wandering Shop has a CoC, and we do enforce it. 💚

Hey folks. We're in the final moments of moving our assets to s3. Bear with us as we get the last little bits moved over.

Well, we're cooking with gas now.

I'm tired of The Wandering Shop being close to the brink of stoppage by running out of disk space, so I'm moving our assets to AWS.

Ideally, no-on on the server will notice.

Well, my oven caught fire this afternoon. How're y'll doing?

our NSFW game 🌸 Cherry Kisses 🌸 is coming to steam! run a shop, do a wide variety of vn sex, do some narrative puzzling if you want. lots of characters, lots of themes, no bad endings! now with more art, bios, and cheevos

SFW trailer:
wishlist on steam:


big understand that people are going through it. ultimately anything helps.

please comment/share to bring traction to this

"Im 18, in the middle of this crisis, my parents have kicked me out. I'm now lugging around possessions and couch hopping. I could use the money for food and assisting in getting me places to stay. I just enrolled back into high school and now have no steady place to do anything. I'm unemployed currently. And i just recently had a cystoscopy for a kidney stone and discovered I have a bulging lumbar disc. I'm searching for a job right now and have been but its difficult"

paypal is

This may be a weird ask...

But one of 's portfolio companies is looking for a baker with the technical know-how to advise them on how to adjust their dough to work better with automated production equipment while still keeping the texture they want

(Boosts welcome!)

Eating spicy food to ward off illness is a superstition of mine, but it's a delicious superstition. Hand washing and social distancing still mandatory.

Hey folks. It's been some weird, rough weeks. What could we be doing to make The Wandering Shop a more friendly remote space in the days ahead?

Well, I'm up to tracking 31 companies changing policy and 58 events cancelling or moving because of #covid19

PRs, RTs, and DMs with info gratefully accepted.

boost if

capitalism is bullshit


you would rather live in a society that was built around giving people their basic living needs for free

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