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food blogs and such 


general: - interesting links - essays and stories - more essays and stories, shorter than Longreads - origin stories for strange things in the world

news: - stats-focused, politics but also sports and culture - Asian-American - wlw-focused queer

NYC local news: - citywide - hyperlocal

Food stuff in my reply to this under a CW!


John Cook's blog —
Julia Evans' blog —
Assaf Arkin's "Labnotes" —
Bad Conlang Ideas —
Jasika Nicole's more personal blog —
Leah Neukirchen (the gal who invented the tumblog!) —


In the Pipeline
Derek Lowe (author of Things I Won't Work With) writes about medicinal chemistry


(Incidentally, if you just want to subscribe to the rss feed for a blog’s specific tag, tumblr does let you do that! Add /rss to the url string after the tag name)

@phildini analyzes interfaces from sci-fi movies to see what we can learn from them and how they can be improved.

I’m feeling devious,
You’re looking glamorous.
Let’s get mischievous,
And polyamorous.
Wine and women and wonderful vices
Welcome to the cult of Dionysus.


Polyamory is both incredibly complicated and incredibly rewarding.

Thank you for coming to my TED talk.

Hey since we're all talking about RSS, who wants to send me their favorite RSS feeds?

Linking to a previous thread on this very acceptable.

It’s a fantastic dusk in the town, and you are a tragic thorny devil.

Hi friends. Our place is open from 11am until ??? tomorrow -- Christmas -- if you want to come by and help us eat food. I'm making stuffed mushrooms and cheesy bread and porchetta.

We'll have two homemade cheeses, and we'll be opening our fancy wines. We'd love to have you, DM me for details.

Friends, today is my last at Patreon. Over the last two years Patreon and I changed each other in innumerable ways -- I am ferociously proud of my time there.

Patreon is full of people who burn for creators, and I'm on the edge of my seat to see what they do next. ✨

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