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Author of two fantasy novels, The Wildings and The Hundred Names of Darkness. Black River, a slow-burning literary thriller, is out in 2020.

Columnist for the FT, formerly NYT, Business Standard, editor of anthologies on food writing and on the Modern Review. Drives like a demon, cooks like an angel.

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You gallop across the grassy plains of Selador.
The twice-mooned sky shines the path forward.
There is nothing behind you.
If you fail, there never will be.
You are the last unicorn.

Unicorn Infiltration Committee is OUT NOW for PC, Mac, and Linux!!

Also the in-UI profile directory is kind of neat for finding new people.

One neat thing: If you're a logged-in user you can now see all the servers we block:

The Shop is now updated to the latest version of reality. Thank you for your patience.

You stumble into the Shop, flustered from the hustle and bustle of the day.

The Man Behind the Counter hands you a hot drink, and points to a notice that says:

"We will be upgrading to the latest version of reality, sometime over the next 8 hours. Thank you for your patience, keep calm and drink on."

May we please revive hashtagging interests in #introductions? I feel for the newcomers to the #fediverse who aren't told that only the #hashtagged words and phrases are #searchable, unlike #Twitter.
They'd have instant magic of connection with the trick of hashtagging their interests, like so:
#coffee #OnlyConnect #ACIM
#fountainpens #geocaching
#learnpython #commandline
#ADHD #geocaching #snailmail
#letterwriting #silentmovies #silentfilm #reading #mysteries #linux

I'm still proud of this subverted Gadsden flag I made a while back. I'd like to put a sticker of it on my laptop but I'm afraid it'll be mistaken for the real thing.

What else do you call it than an attempt at cultural genocide when your people's highest literature is grabbed by the dominant world power, forced out of the context of your people's lives and experiences, and repurposed as a propaganda tool to violently attack your people?

I can never remember if biathlon means

🍍 Twice per athlon
🍍 Once per two athlons, or
🍍 Attracted to two or more athlons

NV 6 - Deviance ; nude, ass 

What shall I write/do this pm? (or tomorrow a.m.?) 

trickster faerie (xe/xer): hello, may I have your pronouns?

me (they/them): sure! they/them.

faerie (xe/xer/they/them): thanks, foolish human c:

me ( / ): wait what

:blobcatpeek: hello

Consider supporting me on #patreon? You get access to all my ebooks and thrice-weekly updates (including cute videos of Merlin).

This month is a bit different as it's #NaNoWriMo so you get to read snippets of my normally *extremely private* first draft.

I'm trying to reach my first goal of $20 per month. And you get everything I have to offer for only $1 per month.

Maybe take a look and see what you think?

:blobcatpeek: ok bye

Kinkpost psa 


Awoo Round 2 (electric boogaloo) on felt which is less prone to catching reflections and looking extremely not-black than vinyl is. The outside of the tray is still vinyl.

I made two of them, but the second I tried out with top stabilizer so I need to rinse that out first. This one, at least, will go in tomorrow evening's shop drop along with the tree dragons.

look all i want is a matrix client that

supports emoji shortcodes
isnt a fucking web browser
works well out of the box (self-contained in most aspects)
isnt complete garbage

but APPARENTLY this is too fucking much to ask

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