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My father taught me that men would treat me badly, and that I would be better served to pursue the things that interest me and ignore the men as best I could. In many ways, I have - my interests are all over the map in terms of traditional "girl" and "boy" interests. But I've still been driven out of places because the men were too awful.

So dudes, every wistful reflection on the people who made open source into what it currently is? There's a woman taking notes about whether you're safe.

My advisor just sent me an email saying he tried to avoid pronouns when introducing me to his class yesterday and that he is sorry if he misgendered me.

This man is Literally 80 years old so the idea that old folx can't learn and change is some bullshit.

if anyone needs like a cool, childless tia for your kids to aspire to, i'm available.

*doesn't drink/ smoke
*great at telling stories both sobre el cucuy and general life warnings/ experiences (ie dont take drugs from strangers even tho it sounds cool when i did it)
*will be cooler than u while also telling ur kid how cool U are so you get that kid clout
*will bring u snacks & wine while i play with kids
*always up for sleepover nights so u can rest/ get luckyyy

It begins, the largest strike in over a decade as 49,000 workers walkout st General Motors nationwide – At GMCH Main Lot

Remember when I said I was running a kickstarter? Yeah, about that…

(We cancelled because of Kickstarter's union-busting, and we're redirecting to our Patreon)

If I post something that makes you realize you've done wrong before, good

Please don't tell me.

Just like and boost and move on

I ain't a priest, I don't need your confession

I ain't a therapist, I don't need to hear your plan to improve.

Just get better without declaring it to me.

Hey everyone. The Wandering Shop was down for a while, but is now fixed. Thanks for your patience.

Hi folks! I forgot the mention here that last week I launched a Kickstarter to buy a risograph (nominally to make zines, really to help risoprint things for artists in the Bay Area and beyond)

Backing and/or boosts much appreciated.

As a California girl, my pronouns are she/her/bro/dude

Real question inspired by’s Ruined by Design:

How much of the industry could we change if we “just” got everyone at #xoxofest to join a union?

Scuttlebutt is Facebook downgrades from 5' to 4' wide desks on Friday.

Insert ancient airline seat joke here.

behind every proud dignified woman is another proud dignified woman chanting dooo it dooo it doooo it

The talk I’m giving next week uses the phrase “WebSocket modems” and I regret NOTHING

Hi everyone! I have turned off registration for new accounts on the Wandering Shop.

We used to require registration approval, but even that was getting flooded with spam that myself or @Annalee had to churn through to try and find the "good" users.

So now registration is invite-only. And any of you can create an invite code under settings!

Please be mindful of who you're inviting, but invite anyone you want.

me when I'm on my no-equipment challenge run of Skyrim and literally every NPC is yelling at me to put some clothes on

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