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As we leave pride month and transition into wrath month, remember:

The Wandering Shop is a Mastodon instance initially geared for the science fiction and fantasy community but open to anyone.

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drinking bourbon and setting up VMs... as one does.

Apple has removed significant parts of their podcast specification from their web site with no apparent replacement, which is super frustrating! But at least it was archived:

I have made the transition from Chrome to Firefox across all of my devices.

This feels _great_, highly recommend.

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really goddamned disappointed with the state of meta-fedi discourse right now, now more than ever we need unity and technical solutions to long-running and difficult problems with activitypub, federation, and server software, not a bunch of wild, salacious, and frankly pretty offensive conspiracy theories about Eugen or whomever the hell bears your pet grudge

so psa: eugen hard severed working with purism when they made it clear they had no intention to keep far-right and nazi assholes off of librem one

so maybe if you want to criticize Eugen and/or Mastodon, stick to things that are actually true and not a bunch of falsehoods and frankly offensive conspiracy theories #mastodon #mastodev #mastometa #fediverse #floss #foss #women

It would seem that Ravelry is getting into the trenches with us and fighting white supremacists on their site.

I think we should all go and cheer them on over on Twitter \o/

They are having to deal with the same Free Speech advocates as we at #Tusky did. But they are taking it in stride 🎉

"patreon haver sargoth, people don't get anything from patronizing you. it says so right there on the page"

that it does

Hey folks,

@chuckwendig is on a rant over on Twitter. For folks who are active there, go read the master at work.

For everyone interested, I'm gonna share the jist here and why we think he is right.


i don't get it, people complain about how they hate email so much, but really, is using Slack/Whatsapp/etc for work better?

gimme slow async comm. please.

Over the next two weeks, the next issue of #AdultJuiceBox is going to drop, and blow the top off #canned #wine. Want a preview? Members can see what we thought of the Underwood Pinot Gris:

(Members who join now get both issues delivered!)

A bunch of ideas I have had about federation that doesn't suck.

I say this in the text itself, but if you wanna discuss, I'd rather you discuss it among yourselves, I'm not in the mood right now. <3

Also this is just a temporary HTML file because I don't have a blog right now. It will be deleted at some point in the future when a blog actually comes.

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