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Pro-tip: If you have mutuals that don't know what Gab is/why it's bad that they want to join the Fedi, the Wikipedia article sums everything up very neatly:

New public post on my Patreon. When I put up a new patrons-only post, I roll the oldest to public, so the game and the process is revealed to everyone bit by bit. Here I'm talking about the key to the game: the dynamic balances themselves, and how they work in place of character stats or attributes.
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I just purchased my pass to XOXO 2019!

I also subsidized a conference pass for another attendee. I highly encourage others to do the same, if you have the means to do so. Many XOXO attendees are independent creators who may not otherwise have the means to attend.

I got a lot done yesterday and felt really good about myself. I'm thankful for good mental health when it strikes

I have purchased my ticket and booked my hotel for #xoxo2019. Who will I see there?

hello if you still use chrome i gently recommend giving firefox a chance. i gave up on it a few years back but now that i'm using it again i think i'm here to stay. it's not perfect but neither is chrome, and it's actually beating chrome in speed in some areas these days

also google is about to seriously hinder adblocking extensions in favour of letting their own ads and tracking shit slide through

Hey in regards to LB, if you see people on the Shop breaking the spirit but not the letter of the CoC, still report them? Or dm me or something.

one thing that's really resonated with me is this (pretty old) post by @eevee, and especially the part that says

I’ve seen quite a few small communities gradually unravel because the moderators erred on the side of not banning people who were clearly violating the spirit but not the letter of the rules. As jerks gradually leaked in, the people who didn’t want to be around jerks gradually drifted away, and the community was left as nothing more than a sludgy residue.

I've got a Patreon up,, where I'm creating a new classless, level-less #ttrpg mechanic with an integrated game world, taking the concept of player agency and making it the driving force of the world and the system. Check it out!

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Hello, Shop, and the worlds where we wander!

It’s been a lazy, peaceful afternoon, which suits me just fine. We might go up to the river this evening before it gets dark. It is just so very hot! I hope you have a pleasant day too.

I’m having some tea, and the Wandering Shop teapot can provide some for you, too, whatever kind you like best.

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I want the inevitable Disney remake of The Emperor's New Groove to be exactly the same, same animation, same voice actors


Instead of the poison turning Kuzko into a llama it turns him into a comedian. Played by a live action David Spade.

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Y'all, if you lead teams having an executive coach is life-changing.

Almost as essential as therapy.

(And yes, if you lead teams therapy is an essential)

I gave a talk last night at a friend’s birthday party and magazine launch about Ursula LeGuin, Star Trek, and how the arts might help us achieve a post-scarcity society. I hope you enjoy it, shares happily welcomed.

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