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The number of times a poly relationship has taken a turn because they’re allergic to my partner’s cat keeps climbing. 🤷‍♂️

Mondays we often talk . What should we see while it's still in theaters or streaming?

cc @phildini

Hey, Fedi!

I have a friend who's just now figuring out they're polyamorous.

Could you please share your coming out as polyamorous stories, both to yourself and others? And any tips, thoughts and experience you may feel like talking about?

I think such a 'forum' would not only benefit my friend, it could also benefit us as a community, polyamorous or not. :ablobsmile:

Signed, your polyamorous hacker friend, Ella K.

picked up some ham sanitizer so I can have clean, shiny hams

@shopbot @phildini I’m super late to the battle royale party, finally checked out Apex Legends

Does anyone know a mastodon-twitter crossposter that treats twitter as the mirror, as in puts the main content on mastodon, and links to the toot from the tweet? (I have seen the opposite direction, or separate posters, but never anything that goes in this direction)

#question #helpNeeded

@shopbot @phildini the fact that some people still write letters ✉️📮

Hey y’all, reminder:

No matter what you’re going through, bare minimum self care is better than no self care at all

Wash your clothes and sheets at the end of every week

Brush your teeth at least once a day

Take a five minute shower, most suggested in the morning to wake you up
If you’re unable to keep up with showering on a daily basis for whatever reason, at LEAST once every two days

Take care of your hygiene! Your body will thank you for it and it’ll give you the boost you might need!

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I shouldnt have to pay 30 days of rent for 28 day months.

University student? Want to spend your summer hacking on Krita? Or do you know someone who does?

Like RPGs? #HumbleBundleBooks has a bundle of #Pathfinders novels to read, or evening rulebooks/guides for you to craft your own story with friends! Look over here,

#ads #sellout #RPG #TableTop #dnd

The Genitorturers have a wind machine for maximum blown hair effect!

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