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So... Any other shoppers at the Lords of Acid show tonight?

suggestion of lewdness 

So it looks like, if you are using Amaroq for mastodon, you had to re-auth.

On the plus side, notifications from the app now work from me and they didn't yesterday, so 🎉

Thanks @eurasierboy !

@phildini @kalcobalt v1.1.13 rebuilt the notification system to use the Push subscription API. Since it requires an additional oauth permission (Push) everyone who updated got logged out. Sorry for any inconvenience!

Really cool thing, connecting folks who want to contribute to projects but aren't fluent English writers/speakers with proofreaders and general tutors for kind critique. I hope to see more of this, both to diversify technical communities and get non-traditional technical people involved.

Hey did anyone else have the Shop log them out in the past 24 hours?

Also, (more wisdom via Spike Trotman) NEVER, EVER sign away lifetime IP rights! That's the most important thing you have as a creator!

If you want to make money from your work, great! Put it on prints, merch! License it! Etc!

But there's really nothing that's worth complete, total, *lifetime* control of your work! Because once you've signed your IP rights away, that's IT.

Hey, y'all-- Facebook recently announced they're launching a "Patreon killer" service.

Regardless of your thoughts on Patreon, FB's alternative is TERRIBLE!

⚠️ 30% gross revenue fee
⚠️ Automatic LIFETIME IP rights to ANYTHING you put on the service
even if you quit!
⚠️ FB wants to give discounts and freebies whenever they like, w/o creator approval, and then deduct it from creator revenue
⚠️ FB will also control WHO sees your content and how many views you have

Morning all.

Still waking up, but mostly doing okay. Looking forward to a quiet day.

How are you doing?

The slides from the talk and I gave at #pycascades2019 are now up!

Thanks for your patience, and thanks for coming!

Mid-week / Wednesday. Show off and talk about your in-progress creations!

cc @phildini

My thoughts on this aren't fully formed, but it is fascinating that OBS, the software that thousands use to stream to Twitch, is now supporting itself through Patreon.

Also, go support the project open source streaming software is important.

Is there a word for friends who will be nice enough when you’re together in public but ignore you utterly if you try to message them or reach out or communicate in any way?

Like, what’s the painful opposite of an online friend? You know, someone who ignores you when you reach out.

@shopbot @phildini Alita: Battle Angel is worth seeing in 3D if you want that theater experience. Spider-Man: Into the Spiderverse is also super fun!

So now I'm choosing a lot of my personal recreational media intake based on it's value to the game.
Like, on Netflix for it's meaty + bold plot, character development, wealth of + imagery :)
, bc vampires.
Heaps of bc gaming supreme (tbh, it was CR that was so fascinating and educational that I felt confident jumping into Storytelling/ DM'ing even though I haven't spent as much time as a PC as I would think necessary. Thx Matt Mercer & Crew )

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