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Things might have gone differently if the neural net I trained to generate Christmas movies had not previously been trained on horror movies.

Here is my lesson/recording studio. I write contemporary classical, singer songwriter stuff and I love prog. I don't have time to herd the required truckload of people for yet another prog band so my next project is creating tracks for blended live/tracked performance. I am about to release a new album of SS stuff in the next few months, the album is being mastered at Cedar House by Gerry Putnam. I have stuff on soundcloud:


I had this thought yesterday, about how it's really dark on the northern hemisphere right now and we often feel like the sun is just disappearing and letting us down and we want more light again.

But! It actually is just that we share the sun with people on the southern hemisphere and fewer light for us means more light for you/them so we all can enjoy it and grow food and everything.

So I'm much happier about the darkness now, because it means someone else is enjoying the sun right now :)

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Working on editing a manuscript of mine. Hopefully, I can punch out some additional chapters while I'm off!

@shopbot @phildini An alternate campaign setting for the Shadowrun RPG, where people are building a breakaway civilization in the z-zones instead of having to live off the scraps from the megacorps’ table.

@shopbot @phildini I'm still on Zoloft because of Netflix. It makes me THAT sad. 😭



Tbh, Hilde on Nflix. It's pretty awesomely complex. The first two episodes illustrate dynamics of privilege in the most well rounded and least attackful way I've seen.
It's a little wholesome, a little epic, and doesn't deny the awefulness and unfairness of the world.
Also Sabrina and American Horror Carnival. Just cuz.

@shopbot @phildini It was hulu, but I finally finished season 1 of Letterkenny with friends this last weekend and it was fantastic.

@shopbot @phildini i keep meaning to finally watch Twin Peaks but I always forget to actually do it

It's Tuesday! Binge any good seasons on Netflix lately?

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Mondays we often talk . What should we see while it's still in theaters or streaming?

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The more Mastodon servers there, are, the better. The more spread out people are across them, the more the network is resilient to various failure modes.

The basic premise of Mastodon is that you follow your friends from different servers! So go forth, and explore the fediverse ☺️

2.6.2 => 2.6.5 ✅

And we're done! The maintenance for the Wandering Shop is complete, and we are now on the latest version of Mastodon.

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